The Fun They Had Extract Based MCQ questions | Subjective | Objective| True / False  Class 9 Beehive

By | May 8, 2024 the fun they had extract based questions

Margie went into the schoolroom. It was right next to her bedroom, and the mechanical teacher was on and waiting for her. It was always on at the same time every day except Saturday and Sunday, because her mother said little girls learned better if they learned at regular hours.

Question 1 : Why is Margie’s schoolroom located next to her bedroom, and what does this setup imply about her daily learning routine?

Answer: Margie’s schoolroom being near her bedroom suggests a set routine for learning, highlighting the importance of consistent study hours for effective education, as supported by her mother’s belief in regular learning schedules for children.

Question 2 : State True or False.

None of the terms (a)-(d) can be applied to the statement — “It was always on at the same time every day except Saturday and Sunday.”

(a) Randomness – the quality of lacking a pattern or principle of organisation  

(b) Flexibility – the quality of bending easily without breaking; readiness to change  

(c) Spontaneity – the condition of being spontaneous; impulsive action  

(d) Variability – the quality of being subject to variation or changes

Answer: True. None of the terms (a) Randomness, (b) Flexibility, (c) Spontaneity, or (d) Variability accurately apply to the statement, as it describes a consistent, unchanging schedule for the mechanical teacher, not characterised by lack of pattern, adaptability, impulsiveness, or variation.

Question 3 : The regular schedule of Margie’s mechanical teacher suggests a belief in the importance of _____ learning routines.

Answer: Consistent or any similar response

Question 4 : Could the strict schedule hint at a lack of flexibility in Margie’s education?

Answer: Yes, suggests rigidity and little adaptability in learning