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The title of the chapter, “The Fun They Had,” is justified by the central theme of the story. In this futuristic world, education has become completely mechanized and impersonal, devoid of any fun or enjoyment for children. The children in the story, Tommy and Margie, come across an old book that describes the traditional way of learning, where children would physically go to a school and interact with a human teacher and other children. They are fascinated by the idea of having fun while learning.
The title of the chapter also highlights the stark contrast between the joyless, monotonous education system of the future and the more enjoyable and interactive learning methods of the past. The word “fun” suggests that learning should be an enjoyable experience and the fact that the children in the story are amazed and delighted by the idea of having fun while learning shows how much they are missing out on in their current education system.
Overall, the title of the chapter serves to underscore the important theme of the story, which is the importance of human interaction and personal touch in education, and the need for a balance between technology and traditional learning methods.

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Character Sketch

Margie Jones: 

Tips to Learn : 

  1. She Is fascinative : She was fascinated by the book that Tommy found.
  2. She is Open-minded – She accepts the fact her current education system isn’t that good.
  3. She is sensitive – She feels happy to know about how lively past century’s education system was and sympathsizes with her current education system.
  4. She is imaginative – She could draw picture of past century’s schools in her head when Tommy was describing the old book contents to her.
  5. She was curious – She wanted to know more about the old schools.

Margie Jones is 11 years old,  living in the year 2157, education is completely digitized in this era and printed books and human teachers are just a thing of the past.
She was fascinated by the book that her brother Tommy found. But she was finding it hard to understand the contents written in it as she was so young. In the story, Margie is an open-minded girl, who accepts the fact that her education system isn’t perfect and needs improvements. She does not follow anything blindly and she considers both negatives and positives of all things before judging them.
She was enthusiastic when she got to know that in the past century, the teachers were humans, not machines. She was curious as she was excited to know more about the past century’s school.
She was sensitive too as she was thinking about how emotionally satisfied were those children in the past because of their lively education system. Because it included Positive interaction among all children and teachers around there. She sympathized with those children who were now stuck in this so-called modern education system where there are no social interactions because of digitization.
She could easily understand how old schools were and how their environment was just by imagining which shows that she is a lot imaginative and thoughtful girl.
Margie is a character who highlights the importance of adapting education to meet the needs and preferences of individual learners


Tips to Learn : 

  1. He is Smart – He was able to understand all the texts that were written in that old book he found.
  2. He is Confident – He answers Margie’s questions immediately.
  3. He is playful – He teases Margie and shows off in front of her.
  4. He is stubborn – He tries to contradict Margie’s opinion
  5. He is wise – He makes his opinion after understanding all aspects of it.

Tommy is 13 years old. He is a little smarter than his little sister as he is older than her and has read more tele-books than her. He likes and prefers the education system they have currently which is completely digitized. It shows that he is an academically sharp student as this digitized education system was more about academics.
Tommy is a confident boy as he had answered Margie almost immediately which shows that he doesn’t think twice before saying anything because somewhere he feels that he can not be wrong. He is a playful character too, and we can easily see that when he teases Margie and tries to show off his knowledge to her.
His opinion about the old book that he found, was contrasting with Margie’s opinion on it but he still respected her opinions which shows us that he respects the opinion of others which is one of the best qualities you can find in someone. 
He is adventurous and creative, when he said the book is a waste, that was because it was a waste of their resource. So when he makes opinions about something, he doesn’t make them out anywhere he always has some proper reasoning behind them. And this shows that he is a smart kid.

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