What caused Tricki illness ? What would happen when he would be sent ‘back to his mistress’?

Tricki’s illness was caused by overfeeding and lack of exercise. Mrs. Pumphrey, Tricki’s owner, loved him very much and gave him too much food and treats. She thought giving him extra food like cream cakes, chocolates, malt, cod-liver oil, and Horlicks would make him stronger. However, this made Tricki very fat, lazy, and weak. He refused to eat… Read More »

Why is Mrs Pumphrey worried about Tricki?

Mrs. Pumphrey is very worried about Tricki because he shows several signs of poor health. Tricki, her beloved dog, looks very sick and weak. He has become very fat and does not have any energy. Mrs. Pumphrey notices that Tricki is not eating his favorite foods, which is unusual for him. He also vomits often and spends all… Read More »

A Question of Trust Very Short answer Type Question | Assumption, Creativity & Critical Thinking Based | Class 10 Footprints Without Feet

This page offers A Question of Trust Very Short Answer Type Question for Class 10  from the book Footprints Without Feet.  We’ve put together a bunch of Very Short answer type question based on assumption, creativity, extrapolation and critical thinking. These types of questions are introduced after 2024 in CBSE Board. So, practice to understand A Question of… Read More »

A Question of Trust Value Points | Class 10 | Footprints Without Feet | Main & Important Key Points

This post provides a simple, and value point wise breakdown of ‘A Question of Trust’ for  Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Book. We’ll share the main points and key takeaways from the story, making it easy to understand and remember. Whether you’re studying for class or teaching it, this post has got you covered with all the important… Read More »