Class IX Section Wise






Writing Section




Diary Entry 

Describing a Person, Biographical Sketch Format, Exercises & Meaning

Describing an Object & Describing Things Examples

Describing a Place Essay & Creative Writing

Examples of Report Writing on an Event & Describing an Event

Grammar Section


NCERT Book PageWise Solution (Language and Literature) (New from 2018)

NCERT Book Extra Question and Notes (for Advanced Learners)

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  1. Anubha

    hi, please allow us to copy and save the worksheets. the material is very good. thank you so much !

  2. Priyal Kandpal

    Dear Sir/Ma’am pls also add notes of poems and chapters as I have to read them for my revision for test . I love this site and thank you for this material this helps me a lot in my test.

  3. admin Post author

    Dear Ishita,
    Really a big thanks for your interest in Kindly let us understand regarding which topic you want the MCQs?


  4. Ishita

    Sir please add some mcq quiz so that we can practise more

  5. admin Post author

    Sure Sam,
    Sample papers will be added within the next 3 days, n thanks a lot for your interest in

  6. SAM

    this site really proved to be very useful for my class 9 exams preparation and i would continue using this for class 10 too. But sir can u please add some related sample papers according to the latest CBSE format. It would be very helpful.

  7. admin Post author

    Dear User,
    This is a paid option and we charge a very nominal fee of Rs. 25 per chapter if u wish to take an offline copy of any lesson. We will send you the lesson in the PDF printable format. Contact us by mail on [email protected]

    Thanks a lot for your interest.

  8. Theanmozhyi Vasudeven

    This site is really useful for the students. Student is able to gain confidence after learning the lessons from your answers. But please unlock the copy and paste so that I can save and learn for the exams as the model exams and annual are fast approaching. PLS reply me of how to save your answers particularly long answers to my email.

  9. alfy

    Respected sir/madam
    this site is really useful for me it would be very helpful if there was article writing
    kindly requesting you to add it soon
    with thanks

  10. admin Post author

    Dear Oberoi G,
    It is a matter of immense pride for team edumantra. We shall try to keep serving you in a better way possible.
    Thanks a lot for your interest in edumantra.

    Team edumantra

  11. oberoi

    respected sir,
    this site has been proved as a very beneficial site for me to be well prepared with english literaure for half early examination. All my pupils, who are using this sit are giving you lots of blessings.. thanks a lot sir.

  12. admin Post author

    Kindly elaborate your message. We are unable to understand.


  13. Shailesh Post author

    Dear Urvish,
    Kindly send your request on [email protected] or call us at 7206675535. Our technical team will unlock copy and paste. Save offline and study well.


  14. urvish

    Thank you sir i am a self stuing student whose stuldy is solmnly bas on internet so this wbsite is very helpful to m .BUT SIR I WOUL LIK IF YOU TELL ME HOW TO SAVe this for offlin reading pleas answr on my mail

  15. Ishaan

    Respected sir,
    Really satisfied after preparing from this site..
    I have gained more confidence is best practice site for students

  16. Shailesh Post author

    Dear Meghna,
    Really a big thanks for your kind and obliging words. We earnestly look forward to hear from you. It would be a great if you could please point out the broken links. We found only one that i.e. sample practice papers. We are really working on that.
    Thanks once more.

  17. Meghna

    Sir good morning, I really thanks you for giving best effort to complete or preparation of exam. But sir many of the portal not activated . sir it is my humble request too please activate all portal as soon as possible. Thank you

  18. Shailesh Post author

    Dear Rohit,
    A big thanks for your interest in the site but the search column is already present on the home page of the site. In the right sidebar you will find an option with search within the site.

  19. Rohit

    Sir this site seems to be very useful

    I am myself use this site a lot

    Only issue is that if there is a search engine it would be excellent

  20. Shailesh Post author

    Dear Vikrant,
    We have noted down ur request. It will be available very soon. Thanks for ur interest in edumantra.

  21. Vikrant

    Sir , I will be happy if you add ‘rearranging the sentences’.

  22. Shailesh Post author

    Dear Adit,
    We are really obliged to listen such nice words from you. Thanks a lot.

  23. Adit Bhutani

    To shailesh sir,
    This sit proves to be very useful
    This is truly a mantra for education.
    Thnx for providing such useful matter, it is really helping out the kids revise for their lessons quickly n efficiently.
    Regards Adit.

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