Class VI

Reading Section

Following are the reading comprehension exercises known by many names as comprehension passages, short unseen passage for practice etc. These reading comprehension passages with questions and answers and reading comprehension tips ,will help you improve reading comprehension skills. These English short reading passages for kids may be used as low level reading comprehension worksheets and reading comprehension practice test,  These online  comprehension ks2 exercise will enhance reading skills. Teachers may use them as free reading comprehension worksheets, gre comprehension passages for elementary students, as well as they will help in teaching reading comprehension skills.  Download in pdf and find comprehension strategies and know how to understand reading comprehension questions


 Passage 1 -Beds (191 Words, Objective , Solved )
Passage 2 – Fish (158 Words, Objective , Solved)
Passage 3 -Bees (204 Words, Objective , Solved)

Passage 4 – Counting (153 Words, Objective, Solved)

Passage 5 -Dogs (208 Words, Objective ,Solved)

Passage 6 – Plants (89 Words, Objective, Solved)

Passage 7 -Houses (226 Words, Objective,Solved)

Passage 8 – Tea (162 Words, Objective, 8 Questions)

Passage 9 – Forests (141 Words, Objective, Solved)

Passage 10 – Dogs (208 Words, Objective, Solved)

Passage 11 -Marco Polo (237 Words, Objective, Solved)

Passage 12 – Friendship (265 Words, Objective, Solved)

Passage 13 – Oils (142 Words, Subjective, Unsolved)

Passage 14 -Coconut (81 Words, Subjective, Unsolved)

 Passage 15- EGYPT (200 Words, Objective, Unsolved)
Passage-16 KINDS OF FISH (150 Words, Objective, Unsolved)
Passage-17 ARCHAEOLOGISTS (150 Words, objective, Unsolved)
Passage-18 SUNLIGHT (100 Words, objective, Unsolved)
Passage-19 A TRUE FRIEND (250 Words, Objective, Unsolved)
Passage-20 WATER (150 words, Objective, Unsolved)
Passage No-21. Land of Knowledge (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)
Passage No-22 TEST YOUR SKILLS (200 Words Subjective/Objective Unsolved)
Passage No-23 Yoga Asanas (150 Words Subjective/Objective Unsolved)
Passage No-24. Hostel Gates (200 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No- 25. Railway Station (200 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No-26. Benefits of Yoga (150 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No- 27. Fire (150 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No-28. Nightingale (150 Words Subjective Solved)
Passage No-29. Early Rising (200 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No-30. Giant (150 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No-31. The responsibility of the State (150 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No-32. Tolerance (150 Words Subjective Solved)
Passage No- 33. Indian Plains (150 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No-34. Voice against Violence (150 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No- 35. Foreign Cultures (150 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No- 36. Agricultural Land (150 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No-37. Cartoons (150 Words Objective Solved)
Passage No-38. Guru Gobind Singh (600 Words Subjective Solved)
Passage No- 39. Badly Treated (150 Words Subjective Solved)
Passage No-40. Wonderful Sight (200 Words Subjective Solved)
Passage No-41. Distractions (200 Words Subjective Solved)
Passage No-42. Curse Poverty (150 Words Subjective Solved)
Passage No-43. Englishman (150 Words Subjective Solved)
Passage No-44. Lady Was Driving (200 Words Subjective Solved)





Paragraph Writing Ideas, Topics and Examples








Verbs-Exercises and Rules


Following are the free Maths quiz type printable worksheets which include various math problems for kids. The includemultiplication worksheets, division worksheets, subtraction worksheets, addition worksheets, times tables worksheets, fractions worksheets, algebra worksheets, addition and subtraction worksheets, numbers worksheets, place value worksheetsetc.Theseworksheet works are done by experts. The best part is free quizzes and quiz questions with answers. These arefun quizzes,free printable activities for adults they also includeliteracy worksheets for kids. You will start calling themmy math homework worksheets. You will find thesetoddler activity pages and free kids activity pages only on



The following worksheets can be used as Readymade holiday homework and assignments. This day wise summer holiday homework will keep your pretty kids engaged in fun holiday activities and the ideas are unique. This summer vacation holiday homework can be a good help at school level. English assignments in the links are  really awesome. These creative assignment ideas will lighten your burden. Vacation homework for students is psychologically prepared specially for class VIth. Downloadable pdf and editable word files are also available download and enjoy.

1.Class-VI Worksheet No.1 Maths (View PDF) (Download Printable Word)
2.Class-VI Worksheet No.2 Maths (View PDF) (Download Printable Word)
3.Class-VI Worksheet No.3 Maths (View PDF) (Download Printable Word)
4.Class-VI Worksheet No.4 Maths (View PDF) (Download Printable Word)
5.Class-VI Worksheet No.5 Maths (View PDF) (Download Printable Word)
6.Class-VI Worksheet No.6 Maths (View PDF) (Download Printable Word)

NCERT Page Wise Solution



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