Reading Skills Comprehension Test Exercises (VI)

Reading Skills get sharpened through unseen passage reading comprehension test so we are providing reading comprehension exercises with answers. Going through these reading comprehension passages with multiple-choice questions will really help you to solve reading comprehension questions. We provide simple comprehension passages with questions and answers which have value-based questions. These unseen comprehension passages are really helpful to all. Go through this reading comprehension pdf and reading passage worksheets to learn English.

To comprehend means “to understand and grasp”. Therefore a comprehension passage is meant to test the student’s ability to understand and retain the contents of a given passage.

Generally, a passage consists of certain lines which are followed by 4 or 5 questions based on it. These questions may be based on : —

(i)The theme of the passage.

(ii) Select the correct or wrong statements.

 (iii) Author’s view regarding the main point.

 (iv) Synonyms or Antonyms of some selected words in the passage.

 (v) Substitution word to a given word or noun-adjective or adverb etc.


 If you have developed an approach of your own to answer the comprehension questions and it is effective, you should stick to it. However, this method should be thoroughly checked.

But those who feel uneasy with the comprehension passage, here are given some tips:—

(1) Read the passage carefully and find out the main points and the arguments given in its favour.

(2) It is better to take a cursory glance at the questions given before reading the passage so that you may be able to know what aspects of the passage is to concentrate on.

(3) Examine the attitude of the narrator.

 (4) You should not go blindly for the meanings of synonyms and antonyms given in the passage.

 (5) Develop your vocabulary and sentence construction.

A General nutshell what is generally looked for in questions is as follows:—

(i)The main idea of the passage—whenever passage is written, it is propagating an idea. This idea forms the nucleus around which words and sentences are constructed. Get to the root of this data.

 (ii) The attitude of the Narrator.

(iii) What the writer says and what he does not—It is very important to categorically see what the writer says and what he does not. This will be possible if we do not operate with unnecessary assumptions.

(iv) The implied meaning of the passage—Often you may come across passages which carry meaning beyond the literal one. You should have an insight sharp enough to penetrate the literal layer.

 (v) Title or Précis of the passage—If you are familiar with the main idea and the way it has been put in, this is something not difficult.

Keeping the above points in mind, you may comprehend the passage even in one reading. But in case of doubts, after the first reading and the time allows, you should not hesitate in going for second reading.

Directions: Read the following passages some questions are given with each passage having four options. Choose the correct one.

 Passage 1 -Beds (191 Words, Objective, Solved )

This passage describes beds meaning and tells you how beds n dreams are interconnected. So read this passage find beds new and get ready for beds to go.

Passage 2 – Fish (158 Words, Objective, Solved)

This passage describesfish benefitsincludingfish meaningfor a normal person which is the key reason of fish farming in India. Read about thefish nutritionand be lost in thefish rain.

Passage 3 -Bees (204 Words, Objective, Solved)

This passage is all about bees and waspswhich focuses on many things likebees diseaseas well asbees factsand gives a lot ofbees informationincludingbees importance. Basicallybees insectsare found at many places likebees in houseandbeekeeping farmsandbees live in a hive. It focuses onbees lifespan.  Read about bees meaningand find how bees make honey. Howbees populationis decreasing andbees extinctionhas been so common these days. Read about desi beesand find aboutgroup of beesalso.

Passage 4 – Counting (153 Words, Objective, Solved)

Passage 5 -Dogs (208 Words, Objective, Solved)

This dogs essaydescribes about how dogs are the best. Read and find outdogs meaningand a little aboutdogs reproduction. Readaboutdogs trustanddogs foodand find outwhat isdogs day out.

Passage-6  RIVER  (200 Words subjective unsolved)

Passage 7 -Houses (226 Words, Objective, Solved)

This passage can be used as my house essay. If you are searching forhouse and home essayyou are at a right place. Read this my home essayand sayMy sweet home.

Passage 8 – Tea (162 Words, Objective, 8 Questions)

This passage describestea historyas well astea nutrition facts. Readtea benefitsandtea garden of Indiaand use tealeavesfor your good because each tea leaf is valuable.

Passage-9 KARL BENZ  (200 Words objective unsolved)

Passage 10- EGYPT (200 Words, Objective, Unsolved)

This passage describesEgypt civilizationand Egypt culturepaying attention onEgypt historyas well as Egypt mythology. Read this passage to knowabout Egypt facts and Egypt foodwith Egypt geographyincluding Egypt religion population. Egypt cityreally has a big historical background.Go through to know about Egypt demographics, Egypt economy.

Passage-11 TEST YOUR SKILLS (200 Words Subjective/Objective Unsolved)

This skills development paragraph  sets up a skills definition focusing on skills enhancement. Read this skills essay to understand skills meaning because skills learning is essential these days. Go through and decide which skills to learn in life.

Passage -12. Hostel Gates (200 Words Objective Solved)

Passage – 13 Railway Station (200 Words Objective Solved)

Passage -14. Early Rising (200 Words Objective Solved)

This passage describes early to bed early to rise and focuses on rising meaning.This early morning essay focuses on early riser and tells why early times are important in everything.

Passage -15. Wonderful Sight (200 Words Subjective Solved)

These sight lines describe sight meaning in the form of sight definition. Here are some wonderful facts about sights.Read this to find wonderful meaning and find sight to see.

Passage -16. Distractions (200 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage describes distractions for anxiety. Read this and find out what is the meaning of distractions for anxiety.

Passage -17. Lady Was Driving (200 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 18 Machines (154 words Subjective)

Passage -19 Advantages of Early Rising (197 Words Subjective)

Passage -20 Selfish Giant Became Selfless (162 Words Subjective)

passage -21 Wild Animals (200 words Objective)

Passage -22 HELICOPTERS  (200 Words Objective)

Passage -23 CORN (200 Words Objective)

Passage -24 UMBERALLA (200 Words Objective)

Passage -25 “SODA POP” (200 Words Objective)

Passage -26 CARS (200 Words Objective)

Passage -27 INDIA A VAST COUNTRY (200 Words Subjective)

Passage -28 TEST YOUR SKILLS (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage -29 Maria (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage -30 Highly Creative (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage -31 Papaya Healthiest Fruit (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage -32 Orchard Stood (200 Words Subjective/Objective Unsolved)

Passage -33 Akbar the Great (200 Words Objective Solved)

Passage -34 Bad Habits (200 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage -35 ‘Calm and Peaceful’ (200 Words Objective Solved)

Passage -36 Climate Change (160 Words Objective Solved)

This climate change essay tells climate change meaningand sets up climate change definition focusing on climate change impact with special attention onclimate change effects in India. There are so many climate change challenges. Read about climate change define and be aware of climate change factoras well as some climate change the facts. It also tells about climate change types.

Passage -37 Culture (200 Words Objective Unsolved)

This culture essay describes relation between culture and educationand sets up culture definitionas culture and heritage of India both are great. Culture and society both are alike.Read this and know about cultural diversity cultural heritage of Indiais really very rich someculture example will prove it. Be lost in the cultural festivals.

Passage -38 “Why Do Birds Sing ?” (200 Words Objective Unsolved)

Passage -39 CARS (200 Words Objective Unsolved)

Passage- 40 Sabarimala (200 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage describes Sabarimala history. Read and find out what Sabarimala history is.

Passage-41 The Egyptian mummies (200 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage on Egyptian civilization describes Egyptian architecture paying attention on Egyptian religion and Egyptian mummy. Read this passage and find a little knowledge about Egyptian art and Egyptian history.

Passage-42 Dealing with the Bear (200 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage sets up a nice bear definition and explains bear meaning.

Passage -43 Tea (200 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage describes tea benefits giving youtea definitions it is said thattea leaves are useful tea for weight loss. Tea drinking is not a bad habit but too much of everything is bad.

Passage -44 Tomatoes (200 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage- 45 SOUND (200 Words Subjective Solved)

This sound about passage sets up a nice sound definitionand tells sound effects including sound meaning. Sound energy and sound pollution is another subject matter.

Passage-46 TSUNAMI (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This tsunami article describes tsunami causes and tsunami disaster management giving you a tsunami definition. Tsunami effects are really grievous. Read this for more tsunami information.

Passage -47 Life is Unprofitable (200 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage-48 OCTOBER (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage -49 Tribal Woman (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage – 50 Palm Tree (200 Words Objective Solved)

This passage is all about palm tree which tells about palm tree fruit, palm tree types and palm tree care. Read about palm tree leaves and get tree benefits.

Passage -51 Status (200 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage -52 Death Control (200 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage -53 Caught (200 Words Objective Solved)

This passage describes caught meaning. Read and learn what is caught meaning.

Passage -54 Gift (200 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage -55 Good Start (200 Words Objective Solved)

This passage good start grows smart.  This can also be said good start reviews. Read this passage for a good start to a speech.

Passage -56 Power Vehicles (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage-57 Language (200 Words Objective Unsolved)

This passage is a fine language essay focussing on language learning and describes language meaning in English.  This language definition includes language development and language history and language meaning in English.

Passage -58 Galapagos Islands (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage -59 My Next Pet (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage -60 ESKIMOS (200 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage-61 Siberia (200 Words Subjective Solved

Passage-62 Worshipped (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage-63 Ancient Time (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage-64 Begging (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage describes the begging meaning. Go through and learn.

Passage-65 Bhallu (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage -66 Advertisement (200 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is all about advertisement writing and advertisement types and clearly defines advertisement meaning.

Passage -67  Trees of Southern Asia (200 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage -68 Letter (200 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage-69  WILD ANIMALS  (200 Words objective unsolved)

Passage- 70  BEES  (200 Words objective  unsolved)

Passage-71 FRENCHMAN  (200 Words objective unsolved)