Complaint Letter Format | Sample | Full Marks Tips Class- 10 CBSE

Complaint letters can be used to express dissatisfaction with a product, service or a system etc. Using formal language with a proper Complaint Letter Format is always advisable. For writing a professional complaint letter you can read our post 5 Steps To Write A Great Letter Of Complaint Complaint Letter Format Class 10 usually include information about disappointing… Read More »

Insanitary Conditions Letter | Complaint Letter

Insanitary Conditions Letter to the Municipal Commissioner to draw the attention regarding dismal condition of roads in our locality. Also Read the example of Complaint Letter for Road Repair. Write a letter to the Chief Medical Officer of your district complaining about the unsanitary conditions in your locality. Ans:- Gandhi Chowk. Bhiwani March 02, 2020 The C.M.O.  Civil… Read More »