Bio Sketch for Class 6 | Format | Worksheet| 10 Best Examples

By | May 22, 2023
Bio Sketch for Class 6 | Format | Worksheet| 10 Best Examples

Are you a class 6 student, parent or teacher , looking to create a bio sketch for class 6 for your upcoming exam? Look no further. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the format and structure of a bio sketch, as well as some fantastic examples.  

Bio Sketch for Class 6 Format

When we write a description of a person we include all important aspects of the person.

Important Points

  • Name
  • Relationship to writer
  • Social status/role/profession
  • Appearance (looks; features; clothes; height; health)
  • Characteristics of personality—qualities/attitude; way of walking/talking
  • Opinion of others about him
  • Any other relevant point (could be brought about by narrating an incident)

Physical Qualities

  •  build—slim, overweight, medium, petite, large, stocky, lanky, hefty, pear-shaped, thin etc. height—tall, short, medium etc.
  • Clothes/appearance—elegant, sloppy, well-tailored, ill-fitting, casual, formal, untidy, neat, tidy etc.
  • shape of face/expression—angular, bearded, unshaven, friendly, round, oval, square, heart-shaped etc.
  •  complexion—fair, pale, swarthy etc. eyes—twinkling, protruding, shifty, staring, close-set etc. hair—balding, receding hairline, close-cropped, thick, wavy, curly, plaited, long, neat, thinning etc.
  • Nose—broken, sharp, flat, upturned, roman, pointed etc.
  •  Lips—discoloured, thin, thick etc.
  •  Teeth—protruding, broken, gapped, discoloured etc. chin—cleft, receding, pointed, square etc.
  • Special features—tattoo, scar, mole, stammer, peculiar gesture etc.

Intellectual Qualities

 Imaginative, creative, intelligent, mediocre talents, uninspired, unimaginative, sharp, boring etc.

Emotional and Moral Qualifies

 Trustworthy, honest, confident, warm, sincere, selfish, cruel, insensitive, patient, tolerant, dependable, corrupt, dishonest, irresolute, diffident, detached, deceitful, philanthropic, kind, vulnerable, impatient prejudiced etc.


  • Physical appearance
  • Habits
  • Profession
  • Good qualities
  • Special traits
  • Use active ‘passive voice
  • Simple present is to be used
  • Give concrete examples and anecdotes.

1. Write a bio-sketch of Tamil writer-Bama.

Read the biographical details of famous Tamil writer-Bama and write a bio-sketch on the  basis of these details

  • Bama – Born 1958, creative Tamil. the woman writer committed teacher, social activist -popularly known as Karukku Barna
  • Pennaine Faustina Mary Fatima Rani
  • Novels -Karukku, Sangati and Vanaman- translated into other Indian languages. English and French
  • Wrote twenty short stories – not published in book form
  • Honorary doctorate degree – Crossword Award for her semi-fictional autobiography Karukku
  • Invited by universities in India and abroad –lecturer at various conferences
  • Multi-faceted personality-woman with extraordinary courage. conviction resistance to any form of oppression
  • The keen eye for beauty in nature. profound insight into issues pertaining to caste, religion, women, Clear thoughts and expression
  • Dedicated to the uplift of the downtrodden: passion-Teaching. Mission –Building a casteless society

Ans. Banta popularly known as Karukku Barna was born in 1958. She is a Tamilian woman writer. a committed teacher and a social activist. She goes by the penname Faustina Mary Fatima Rani. She is a prolific writer. tier novels include Karukku. Sangati and Vanaman have been translated into other Indian languages, English and French. Moreover, she has written twenty short stories that have not been published in the booking form.
She holds an honorary doctorate degree. and has won the Crossword Award for her semi-fictional autobiography Karukku. She is regularly invited by Indian and foreign universities to lecture at various conferences. She is a multi-faceted personality and is a woman with extraordinary courage.
Conviction and resistance to any form of oppression. She has a keen eye for beauty in nature, profound insight into issues pertaining to caste, religion, and women. She has a clarity of thoughts and expression. She is dedicated to the up!’ upliftment of the downtrodden is passionate about teaching and her mission is to build a casteless society.

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2. Chen below notes on the life of Ustad Rahi Khan. Write a biographical sketch of his in about 100 words.

  •  Born – March 211. 1926 in Sitapur. U.P.
  • His ancestors – Famous musicians
  • At the age six – Moved to Varanasi
  • Received training – Under Ustad Amir Ali Khan – a sitar player
  • Started performing at the age of 14
  • Performed in India and abroad
  • Awarded Padain Shri in 1967
  • Established a music school at Varanasi
  • Died – August 21st 2004

One of the best examples of Hindu- Muslim Unity

 Ans. Ustad Rahi Khan was born on 21″ March. 1926 in Sitapur, a town in Uttar Pradesh. His ancestors were famous musicians. At the age of six. He moved to Varanasi. He received training under the sitar player Ustad Amir Ali Khan. I started performing at the early age of fourteen.
He performed extensively in India and abroad. He was awarded the Padam Shri in 1967 established a music school in Varanasi. Ile passed away on 21″ August 2001 His life is one of the best examples of Hindu- Muslim unity.

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3. Given below are details of an eminent environmentalist. Use the information to form a biographical sketch of Aruna Saxena In 80-100 words.

  • Aruna Saxena: Born in 1978 – education – M.A. in Environmental Science
  • Achievements: Actively involved in Green Revolution Movement – Won her worldwide recognition -published a collection of poems. ‘Singing Birds’
  • Awards: Won the national award for creating environmental awareness
  • Other interests: painting, writing poetry
  • Positions held: President of Rotary Club of Marwar in 2007, President of the Poetry Club in 2009

Ans. The eminent environmentalist Aruna Saxena was born in 1978. She won worldwide recognition for her active involvement in the Green Revolution Movement. She was honoured with the national award for her contributions towards creating environmental awareness.
A postgraduate in Environmental Science. Aruna has a keen interest in writing poetry. This is evident from her collection of poems entitled Singing Birds. Painting is another one of her interests. She has held oral important positions over the years. She was the President of the Rotary Club of Marwar in 2007 and the President of the Poetry Club in 2009

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4. Given below are some notes on Anne Frank. Use them to write a short bio-sketch of her in about 100 words.

Facts about Anne Frank
Bio Sketch for Class 6 | Format | Worksheet| 10 Best Examples 4
  • Name: Anne Frank
  • Birth: June 12. 1929. in Frankfurt. Germany
  • Profession: Writer
  • Parents: Otto Frank (Father), Edith Frank (Mother). Margot (Elder sister)
  • Belongs to: Jewish Family
  • Best Known for: Writing a diary while hiding from the Nazis during World War II
  • Died: March 1945. at the age of 15 in the Bergen-Belson concentration camp
  • Achievements: Her famous work “The Diary of a Young Girl”

Facts about Anne Frank
(a) Anne’s diary was published in user sixty-five different languages.
(b) One of Anne’s hobbies was to collect photos and postcards of movie stars.
Ans. Anne Frank was born on June 12. 1928 in the famous place of Germany, Frankfurt. She was a writer. Her parents were Otto Frank (Father). Edith Frank (Mother) and Margot (Elder sister). She belonged to a Jewish family. She wrote her famous work “The Diary of a Young Girl” while she was hiding from the Nazis during World War 11. Her work got published in 65 different languages. Her favourite hobbies were collecting photographs and postcards of movie stars. She died in 1945. in the Bergen-Belson concentration camp.

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5. Use the notes given below to write a short bio-sketch of Vishwanathan Anand.

  • Born on December 11, 1969
  • Nickname: Popularly Known as “Vishy”
  • First title: The youngest National. Champion at the age of 16
  • Education: Holds a degree in commerce
  • Hobbies are reading, swimming, listening to music
  • Character: A man of discipline, self-centered, clear reasoning, and immediate insight.
  • Awards and Honours: An Indian chess Grandmaster; former World Chess Champion.; has won the World Chess Championship five times, was the undisputed World Champion from 2007 to 2013.

 Ans. Vishwanathan Anand who is popularly known as “Vishy” was born in December 1969. He was declared as the youngest National Champion at the age of 16. Besides being a graduate in commerce, he is fond of reading, swimming, and listening to music. He is a man of discipline and self-esteem. He is known as an Indian Chess Grandmaster.

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6. On the basis of the given profile, write a short bio-sketch of Dr. Anand Kumar.

  • Dr. Anand Kumar: DM, FRCS, Cardiac Surgeon
  • Full Name: Anand Kumar Misra
  • Father’s Name: Dr. A. P. Misra, Cardiac Surgeon
  • Presently working as Director, Heart Care Research Institute, Agra
  • Achievements: Govt. of India honour-Padma Vibhushan.

 For conducting 200 successful bypass surgeries and four Human heart transplants

Ans. Dr Anand Kumar Misra, a renowned Cardiac Surgeon, is the son of Dr. A. P. Misra, a Cardiac Surgeon of world repute. He is presently the director of Heart Care Research Institute, Agra. He has been awarded Padma Vibhushan, India’s greatest honour, for conducting 200 successful bypass surgeries besides four human heart transplant cases, etc.

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7. Given below is a profile of Sourav Ganguli. Write a short bio-sketch of him in about 100 words. You may take help from the inputs given below:

Sourav Ganguli—A Famous Cricketer

  • Birth — July 8, 1972, in Kolkata
  • Test debut — June 20, 1996, at Lords Century against England
  • Test Achievement — 113 Tests, 7212 Runs, 42 Average 16 Centuries, 35 Half-Centuries
  • ODI Achievement — 311 matches, 11,363 Runs, Average 4102
  • Highest ODI Score — 183 in 158 balls against Sri Lanka in 1999 World Cup.
  • Popularly known — Prince of Kolkata

 Answer                                                     Sourav Ganguli

Sourav Ganguli was born on July 8, 1972, in Kolkata. Ganguli made his Test debut at Lords on June 20, 1996, and struck a fine century in this debut match against England. He played 113 Tests and accumulated 7212 runs with a healthy 42 plus average. He scored 16 centuries and 35 half-centuries in the process.
In ODIs, he ranks among the greats with 11363 runs under his belt from 311 matches at an average of 41.02. His highest ODI score came in the biggest stage when he butchered Sri Lanka on a way to a 158–ball 183 at Taunton in the 1999 World Cup. He is popularly known as the ‘Prince of Kolkata’.

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8. Use the following information and write a short bio-sketch of Mother Teresa.

bio-sketch of Mother Teresa
Bio Sketch for Class 6 | Format | Worksheet| 10 Best Examples 5
  • Birth — 27 August 1910 of Albanian parents in Skopje
  • Real Name — Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu
  • 1928 — the Joined convent in Ireland; 18 years old
  • 1929 — Sent to Darjeeling, India
  • 1931 — Began teaching at Kolkata Girls’ School
  • 1948 — Left teaching to work among the poor in slums of Kolkata
  • 1950-1996 — Worked for the downtrodden and sick destitute
  • 1979 — Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
  • Death — 5 September 1997

Answer                           Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was born on 27 August 1910 to Albanian parents in Skopje. Her real name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She joined a convent in Ireland in 1928. When she was only 18 years old she was sent to Darjeeling. Here she began teaching in Kolkata Girls’ School. Later she left teaching to work among the poor in slums.
From 1948 she started working for the downtrodden and sick destitute. She worked selflessly for them. For her sincere, dedicated and selfless work, she was awarded Nobel Prize for peace in 1979. She left for her heavenly abode on 5 September 1997.

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9. If one has good neighbours life becomes good and livable. If one has bad or quarrelsome neighbours, life becomes a hell. Imagine you have a quarrelsome neighbour. Write a description of him in 100 words.


A Troublesome Neighbour


My Quarrelsome Neighbour

One is lucky if one has a good neighbour. Good neighbours make life livable. They stand by one’s side in times of joy and sorrow. They are thus very near one’s heart in bad times. Relatives come later. But neighbours are with one every time. But if one has a quarrelsome neighbour one’s life is spoiled. A troublesome neighbour makes life around him a hell. Mr V.K. Sharma is such a neighbour.
He has many bad habits. He seems to be abnormal. He shouts at his wife and children. He has no love for his wife and children. He drinks daily. He quarrels with everyone in his neighbourhood. His neighbours avoid him. He doesn’t cooperate with anyone. If one goes to him for some act of charity, he insults him. He is anti-social and anti-human. It is a curse to have such a neighbour.

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10. Given below is the profile of a school teacher. Write a short paragraph about NIS Deepti Sharma describing her in 80 to 100 words.

  • Age: Around 45 years
  • Height weight: medium built, dominating yet attractive
  • Family: Unmarried. One sister, one brother
  • Education: M. Sc. Chemistry – her hobbies likes/dislikes, the way of dressing, talking command over the language
  • Why she is popular/unpopular: Her role as a teacher in shaping the future of the students

 Ans.                                                       Mrs Deepti Sharma

Ms Deepti Sharma is my favourite teacher. She is medium built neither tall nor short and would be around 45 years old. She may not be very beautiful but she is dominating yet attractive. She has preferred to stay single and has a brother and a sister. She has done an M.Sc. in Chemistry and her hobby is to listen to instrumental music whenever she is free. She likes to keep the company of simple people and she hates perfumes.
She is always gracefully dressed. She is very soft-spoken and has a good command over languages. It is because of all these attributes that she is very popular among the students. Her personal concern for every student makes her everyone’s favourite she has contributed a lot in shaping the future of the students.

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