Active and Passive Voice Rules and Exercises (Past Indefinite Tense)

By | August 11, 2020

Active Voice and Passive Voice are directly not asked in class 9 and 10 in CBSE but they are asked in many forms like gap filling, editing and omission and sometimes rearranging sentences are also in the passive voice. Passive meaning is basically where the subject is not doing anything. Active passive voice is a topic worth learning because it covers more than 25% of the language. Considering this we are giving active and passive voice rules along with active and passive voice exercises pdf so that voice change should be easy for you. In order to explain this in a better way, Edumantra provides active and passive voice examples with answers. Read the active-passive voice rules and change active to passive voice and be perfect in voice grammar. Additionally, active and passive voice worksheets are also available in pdf downloadable format. Find active and passive voice exercises with answers pdf and active and passive voice rules chart and get a deep insight of learning.


Passive Voice: was/were + 3rd form of the verb

Active VoicePassive Voice
1. Edison invented the first gramophone.The first gramophone was invented by Edison.
2. The cat drank all the milk.All the milk was drunk by the cat.
3. They did not expect me.I was not expected
by them.
4. Did you make a noise?Was a noise made by you?
5. Where did you find the diary?Where was the diary found by you?

 Rule: was/were + III form of the verb.


Directions:- Convert the following Active Voice Sentences into Passive Voice.

1. She wrote a letter.                                                   

2. Mohan helped me.                                                 

3. They ran a race.                                                       

4. Walsh broke the record.                                         

5. The Prime Minister honoured  Kapil Dev             

6. She welcomed me.                                                 

7. He loved her.                                                                                                   


A letter was written by her. 

I was helped by Mohan.

A race was run by them.     

The record was broken by Walsh.  

Kapil Dev was honoured by the Prime Minister.

I was welcomed by her.

She has loved him.    


Change the following sentences into Passive Voice:

1. We spoke the truth.

2. She drove a car.

3. He drank milk.

4. The boys Matte a noise.

5.1 did not like the book.

6.  They crossed the river.

7. I did not abuse him.

8. The peon did not ring the bell in time.

9. Ram did not obey his teacher.

10. The policeman caught him red-handed.

11. Sohrab threw the ball.

12. He employed two hundred workmen.

13. Why did you cat my share of sweets?

14. Who abused you yesterday?

15. We expected good news.

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