Class-6 Diary Entry Format and Examples

Diary entry is one of the most important questions of class 10 writing section as well as literature portion. So if you are searching for how to write a diary entry, you are at a right place. Here are several diaries for your help. Keeping the importance of diary for students we are providing diary entry format and diary entry topics along with some diary entry examples for students which would clarify diary meaning. You need to go through format of diary entry as well as diary writing examples to get a deep insight of how to write a diary entry for school. Keep in mind that this diary writing format has been designed focusing on English CBSE class 10. This could be used for personal diary also but in a personal diary it completely depends on your own wish how to write a diary. This diary entry for class 10 wil surely help you to gain better marks. So read carefully this diary entry format cbse and write a diary entry expressing your feelings. Additionally we have given some diary entry topics for class 10 for your practice. For betterment you can also make a habit of writing a daily diary keeping in mind the format for diary entry.


 Diary writing is one of the most personal and informal categories of writing. Diary writing can be based on experience, a scene, a description or narration of a certain event or any other thing or activity that the writer considers worth writing in his personal diary.

 In the examination, the question on diary writing is aimed to test your imaginative, creative and expressive skills.


 A diary entry has no fixed format or style of writing. However, a good diary entry does contain the following features:

1. A good diary writing contains the place, the date, the day and even the time of writing. For example Agra 20th July, 20XX Friday, 8:00 p.m.

2. A diary doesn’t need any formal heading. However, it is optional. If you want, you can give a suitable heading.

3. The style and tone are generally informal and personal. However, it depends on the subject. Sometimes the tone can be philosophical and reflective too. You can freely express your viewpoints and feelings.

4. As the diary is the writer’s personal document, the diary entry doesn’t need any signature. It is totally optional.

5. You can evolve your own suitable style depending on the topic of your writing.


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