Adjective Types, Rules, Error Spotting & Exercises

By | July 7, 2021
Adjective Types, Rules, Error Spotting & Exercises


Adjectives are describing words, i.e. words that qualify a noun or a pronoun, e.g. Ria is a beautiful girl.

Here, the word ‘beautiful’ is an adjective that describes the noun ‘girl’.

Kinds of Adjectives

  1. Adjective of Quality- shows the quality, such as tall, old, large, etc. e.g. He is a tallboy.
  2. Adjective of Quantity- gives the quantity of a thing, such as some, little, enough, etc. e.g. I have some money.
  3. Adjective of Number- gives the number of a thing, etc.

(a) Definite Numeralrefers to an exact number, e.g. one, two, second, etc.

(b) Indefinite Numeraldoes not refer to the exact number, e.g. all, few, some, etc.

(c) Distributive Numeralrefers to each one of a number, e.g. each, every, both, etc.

4. Demonstrative Adjectiveindicates towards the noun that is meant such as this, such, those, etc. e.g. Those books are new

5. Interrogative Adjectives are used to ask questions such as what, which, whose etc. e.g. Whose bag is this?

6. Possessive Adjectivesshow the relation of a thing with someone such as her, my, their, etc. e.g. This is my dress.

7. Proper Adjectivesare formed with Proper Nouns such as Christian, American, Punjabi. etc. e.g. He is an American resident.

Comparison of Adjectives

There are three degrees of Comparison. Study the following table.













Rules to form degrees of comparison:

1. Adjectives of one syllable and some adjectives of two syllables form their comparative and superlative by adding-er and -est to the positive form.

 [Words ending in -er, -y, -ly add -er, -est. Note that ‘y’ becomes T.]

Positive Comparative Superlative

clever                 cleverer                    cleverest

happy                 happier                     happiest

ugly                     uglier                          ugliest

2. Adjectives of two syllables ending in did, -less, -able form they are comparative and superlative by adding more and most to the original word.

Positive Comparative Superlative

useful               more useful                most useful

careless           more careless            most careless

capable           more capable             most capable

3. Adjectives of three or more syllables also form they are comparative and superlative by adding more and most to the positive form.

Positive Comparative Superlative

beautiful             more beautiful             most beautiful

interesting         more interesting        most interesting

courageous       more courageous   most courageous

4. Irregular Comparisons, e.g.

Positive Comparative Superlative

good                           better                                  best

bad                             worse                                 worst

little                             less                                     least

many                          more                                  most

much                          more                                  most


Degrees of Comparison

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