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By | February 9, 2023
The Thief Story Character Sketch

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The Thief Story Character Sketch

1.Had Singh: Hari Singh is a small-time thief. His real name is not Hari Singh, he keeps on changing names to escape from police. His Modus operandi is that he earns the trust of people and then robs them and flees. When he sees Anil, he thinks of robbing him and hence approaches him and asks for work. Anil, being a simple person lets his work and even starts teaching him how to cook. Had Singh is delighted when Anil starts teaching him to write as he plans to rob on a larger scale. Had steals a little money daily when he goes to buy the daily groceries, and one day when he gets a chance he steals money from Anil and runs away. But at the station, he has a change of heart and comes back. He is now happy and contented to live with Anil.

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2. Anil: Anil is a kind, simple and easy-going young man. He is tall and lean stature and has interest in sports like wrestling. He is not very rich and cannot offer to employ Had as a cook. He has the patience and goodness to not only teach Had to cook but also to read, write and add numbers. Though he knows about Hari’s stealing of little bits of money from the groceries, he ignores this fact.

Anil is a writer who writes for magazines and makes money in fits and starts. He is a very trusting person. Even when he earns a large amount of money, he keeps the money under his mattress and not in a safe box.

Anil is generous enough to pay Hari a certain portion of the money which Hari tried to steal from him earlier. He has a forgiving nature and forgives Had of his theft without letting him know of his discovery. He continues to be a good man to Hari.

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The Theme of the StoryThe Thief’s story

Ruskin Bond’s ‘The Thief’s Story’ is more than a thief’s story. The story deals with basic human values and relationships. It is easier for a thief to rob a greedy man. It is difficult even for a thief to rob a careless and honest person. Hari Singh did steal Anil’s money but he couldn’t run away with it. He had no friends because he regarded them to be trouble than help. The only person he really knew was the man he had robbed. Moreover, Anil was ready to educate Hari Singh. The thief’s conscience pricked him. He came back to Anil and crept to his bed. He slipped the money under the mattress from where he had stolen it a few hours ago.

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