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The Fun They Had Introduction

Issac Asimov

 This story is set in future when books and schools as we have now perhaps will not exist. Two students of that period about 150 years advance from today find a printed book. They are surprised very much. They talk about the schools and books of the old period. They compare those schools with those of their own which are situated in their homes and have mechanical teachers to teach them. They find their own schools dull and boring. They think that it was a great fun to study in the schools of old times when all the kids of the area went there to learn the same thing from a man teacher. 

The Fun They Had Theme

The story is based on the theme of the effects of extreme mechanisation and automation on the education system. By contrasting the schools of the present day with those expected to exist in the twenty-second century, the writer draws the conclusion that present-day schools are fun. Futuristic schools will impart mere knowledge and the students will miss out on the fun they can have while going to the same school, studying the same things, adjusting with the same teacher and being able to help one another. This life experience is fun and will not be available to the students of fully computerized schools. 

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