What is the Irony in The Fun They Had?

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What is the Irony in The Fun They Had?


How is the Lesson The Fun They Had ironic?

The irony in The Fun They Had is the children of the future time are yearning to study in the way the present time students study but the present time students are bored with this system.
Future time students despite their modern technological advances, still long for the traditional way of learning. This is evident when Margie describes the old-fashioned schools she reads about in books as being more fun than her own school. So the irony is that everyone is unhappy. Present students want the there should be more technology in their education. Future time students think that the past education was more enjoyable.

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So the irony in the lesson The Fun They Had is the contrast between the thinking of both time students present and future. Margie thinks that her time with her robot teacher is quite monotonous. It makes her life dull because there are no physical activities and friends. No sharing of lunch and no exchange of ideas while all the past students means we enjoy all these things. So the irony is that we who have all these things in plenty are not happy.

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