What did Margie learn from the old book about the real school?

By | February 14, 2023
Margie learn from about the real school edumantra.net

What did Margie learn from the old book about the real school?

The old book that Margie found taught her a lot about the real school. She learnt that the school in the past was much different than what it is today. There were no computers or robots, students had to manually write down their lessons and then recite them in class.
They had to learn by rote and memorize everything they were taught. Margie also discovered that learning included games and outdoor activities as part of the curriculum.

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Margie also learnt about the importance of having a real school, with real teachers and real classmates, from the old book. She realizes that the robots in her virtual school cannot substitute for the joy of learning with her friends and feeling the presence of a supportive teacher.
Margie learned that the real school was had no computers, videos,. Instead, there were chalkboards and teachers wrote on them as they taught their lessons. Margie learned that schools have changed a lot over time and that technology has snatched a lot of charm from education.

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