What did Margie know about real book?

By | February 14, 2023
What did Margie know about real book edumantra.net

What did Margie know about real book?


What does Margie mean by a real book Class 9?

In the story “The Fun They Had” by Isaac Asimov, Margie had never seen a real offline printed book. She only used to read books through her computer. She only came to know about a real book when Tommy found one. After a deep research she understood what a real book was and why it was superior to the books on her computer. She even touched one of the old books to get a better understanding of what a real book was like.

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Margie knew that real books were made of paper and contained text and illustrations. She was surprised to learn that the written words in a book could actually carry stories and information to people. Margie was amazed when she first discovered this wonderful world of books.
Margie understood that a real book was different from the books she was used to seeing on her computer screen. She found out that a real book was made of paper, had printed words, and illustrations. It could also be held in her hands and she could turn the pages with her own fingertips. Margie understood that in spite of having many differences the printed one was superior.

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