Why does Margie call the old School Funny?

Why does Margie call the old School Funny?

Margie calls the old schools funny because she came to know that a human being used to be a teacher and there used to sit many children together she called the old schools to be funny. Actually Margie belongs to future schools year 2157. She finds a great difference between her schools and the schools of the present time.

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In the beginning Margie notices the outdated materials and technology that were used in the old school which makes her find it amusing.
Margie also calls the old school funny because there is much contrast to the new robot-run school she studies in. The old schools were much simpler and more traditional, with paper books and chalkboards, whereas the new school has robots as teachers and everything is computerized. Her reaction reflects that she actually has heard everything for the first time about the past schools means the schools in which children are studying these days.

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