Who is the Central Character of the Lesson The Fun They Had?

By | February 14, 2023
Central Character of the Lesson The Fun They Had edumantra.net

Who is the Central Character of the Lesson The Fun They Had?

Margie is an eleven-year-old girl who represents future students in the twenty-second century. She is a typical young girl who dislikes school which is highly personalised and includes a television and a mechanical teacher. She studies in the comfort of her home. Her homework is checked by her mechanised teacher, a computer, and she also gets lessons from it. Margie does not like her school because she is confined to a room and has to study alone at a fixed time every day.

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 Margie is a curious girl. When she finds a real book in Tommy’s hands, she is eager to know about its contents. In fact, she wants to read the book herself. However, she is surprised that the book describes a school of the yesteryears which had real men as teachers and classes were conducted in a special building. She is fascinated to learn that in those times the students of the same level studied together. She concludes that the old system was much better as the students had so much fun when they studied together and could help each other. It is through Margie that the author has projected a contrast between the schools of today and the schools of the future.

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