What is the Main Conflict in the Lesson The Fun They Had?

What is the main conflict in the lesson The Fun They Had?

The main conflict in the lesson The Fun They Had is between technology and tradition. The central character Margie feels frustrated with her school’s most advanced teaching methods, which rely heavily on robotic learning and memorization rather than interactive learning experiences. She wishes to join the past schools which are actually ours now. She wants learning to be more enjoyable.

In the other words The main conflict in “The Fun They Had” is the issue of the style education. The central character , Margie, studies in a future school. All classrooms have been replaced with robot teachers and textbooks are only available on the computer screen. Margie yearns for the traditional classroom where children enjoy the company of one another. She recalls the past days when her grandfather’s learning experience was drastically different from her own. This conflict drives the lesson to its conclusion as Margie comes to terms with this new world.

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