What is Tommy referring to as a waste?

By | February 14, 2023
What is Tommy referring to as a waste edumantra.net

What is Tommy referring to as a waste?

In The Fun They Had, Tommy refers to printed books on papers as a “waste” because he thinks that text cannot be reprinted on that and it occupies space as well so he calls it a waste.
Actually he belongs to future time where there are tele books which are stored in computer hard disk. No doubt that those books do not occupy the physical space and the same storage can be utilized over and over but the importance of the printed books cannot be ignored.

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He seems to be bound with the technology in the classroom and believes that robots could be used in place of teachers to make learning more efficient. In the beginning he favours the dull and monotonous schools and thinks that tele books are far better than the printed ones and calls the printed books as a waste. Later he starts realizing the importance of traditional schools and thinks that everything has its own pros and cons.

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