Why was Margie doing badly in Geography?

By | February 14, 2023
Why was Margie doing badly in Geography edumantra.net

Why was Margie doing badly in Geography?

Margie was not doing well in geography because the geography section of her Robotic Teacher was shifted to higher than her level. Though it was a fault on the end of computer but it was corrected soon. Additionally, Margie did not like Geography so also due to lack of interest she was not doing good.

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She also lacked interest in the subject and also she had come to know the system of the past schools which were fun with many students together and a human teacher.
Finally there came a county inspector and he lowered down the sector of Robotic teacher. It was adjusted to the level of Margie.
Still Margie was not happy with it because she had the dreams of the fun schools which we have these days.

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