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By | April 11, 2023 the fun they had summary in english

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The Fun They Had Summary in English

In the year 2157, on 17 May, Tommy who is 13 years old found a real book and then he showed it to his sister Margie who is 13 years old. She had never seen a real book before in her life. Once she heard from her grandfather about printed books. The book was a really old one as it turned yellow in color and its pages too were so crinkly. After they read it, Tommy considered it a total waste. The reason was, he had studied all of his books on the Computer screen. They had no printed books. So he found it so uncomfortable for him to go through that physical book he found.
Tommy told Margie that the book is about the schools of the past century. Margie always hated her school. It was located in a room next to her bedroom. Her mechanical teacher used to flash on her screen at a fixed time daily except on Saturdays and Sundays. She had to attend all those classes all alone. The mechanical teacher was responsible for all academic things like asking all questions, giving her homework, and checking it.  It also prepared their assignments and test papers.
Margie was being given test after test by her mechanical teacher. Her performance was reduced drastically with each test. To resolve this problem Margie’s mother called the county inspector. He set the speed of her mechanical teacher to the level of an average student of 10 years old.

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Margie got to know from Tommy that there were old kinds of schools about a century ago and those schools were located in special buildings. There were human teachers in them, not mechanical teachers. All the children of nearby areas used to go there and learned the same thing together. Margie found it quite amusing to study in those schools. She wanted to know more about those “Old schools “ which were described in that diary they found. 
Then spoon Margie’s Mother called her to attend her school. Margie didn’t want to attend school at that time but she had to attend it anyways. It was right next to her bedroom. Her Mechanical teacher was on and it was waiting for her to arrive there. It asked her to put her homework in the proper slot it had to receive the homework from students. Margie submitted her homework to it. She was being taught the Mathematics topic of fractions but all she could think about was the school of old times and the fun they (Old school children) had.

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