19. Describing Person: An Ideal Teacher

By | August 6, 2020
Describing Person: An Ideal Teacher

Describing a person or writing a biographical sketch is not a tough task. Edumantra describes what is bio sketch? Click the Link above and go through bio sketch format as well as bio sketch exercises and have a nice experience of bio sketch writing. Basically earlier there are were bio sketch exercises for class 8 but presently it is a part of class 9 CBSE Syllabus of Language and Literature. Just dive in for how to write a bio sketch and understand the real meaning of bio sketch.

Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

(a) An Ideal Teacher

Ans.                                      An Ideal Teacher

An ideal teacher is one who is genuinely concerned and works sincerely for the welfare of her/his students. She/fie is aware of her/his duties towards her/his students and does not clamour for rights alone. Since teachers are considered to be the builders of a nation, an ideal teacher presents herself/ himself as a role model whom the students can follow. Her/His concern should not only be towards the studies of her/his students but she/he should be equally concerned about their mental development. Her/His greatest achievement should be her/his ability to command the regard and admiration of her/ his students because of her/his good qualities and understanding nature.

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