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The Fun They Had Message


This chapter “ The fun they had” conveys the message about the significance of human interaction with each other and how technology is slowly poisoning it. It shows us a future where education is completely digitised and machines are the teachers due to which they miss out on the fun of having a socially interactive education environment. The story highlights the importance of human connection in their learning process and how technology will never be able to replace the warmth, love, and personal connection that comes with human interaction.
Overall, the chapter promotes readers to appreciate the value of traditional methods of learning and human connection in education. The author’s message is one of the warnings against the dangers of computerized homeschooling which keeps away the children from the benefits of the personal interactions between students and teachers, which help them develop social skills as well as many more things. So without criticising the present schooling we should understand the value of the present lively education system and enjoy it to the fullest.

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