The Fun They Had- Value Points

By | July 19, 2021

Value Points

  • Margie and Tommy are students of future schools.
  • Tommy finds an old book about school in the attic. They turn yellow, crinkly pages of the book and are surprised to see still words in the book.
  • They thought the old book to be wastage of resources, as it was to be thrown after one use. But tele-books last longer and contain many books together.
  • Margie hated school as her teacher gave her test and she performed badly.
  • She hated the slot for putting homework and test papers.
  • Margie’s mother called County Inspector who came with all his equipment and repaired it in an hour.
  • Margie wasn’t happy as she thought he would take the teacher for a few days.
  • County Inspector told her mother that Margie’s bad performance in Geography was due to the faulty setting of her teacher.
  • Tommy explained that centuries ago the schools were not like theirs. They had a man as a teacher who taught students different subjects, asked questions and gave homework also.
  • Margie couldn’t believe the man to be smart enough to have knowledge about different subjects.
  • Tommy told her that the school was in a special building and students would go there and children of same age group studied the same things.
  • But Margie’s mother had told her that every child has to be taught according to his needs.
  • Now Margie was interested in reading more about the old funny schools.
  • Tommy and Margie attended school at a fixed time.
  • Margie thought about the old schools where kids had a lot of fun studying together and playing.
  • The computer screen of her ‘teacher’ was flashing new chapter in arithmetic on the addition of proper fractions. But Margie was lost in the thoughts of old school.

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