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By | December 12, 2020
Examples of Report Writing on an Event & Describing an Event

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1. Describing an Event: South Asian Games-2010


The 2010 South Asian Games-the 11th South Asian Games took place from January 29 to February 9, 2010, in Dhaka, Bangladesh nearly 2000 athletes from 8 countries competed at the games in 23 different sports.

On January 29, 2010, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared open the 11th South Asian Games at the Bangabandhu National Stadium the Games began amidst pomp and a well-coordinated cultural programme ought to make the entire National proud. The opening ceremony was precise and eye-catching. With a full house in attendance, the ceremony began with one entire gallery displaying cards “Welcome to Dhaka”. The National anthem was played as soon as the Prime Minister arrived at the stadium. Eight participating, in Bengali alphabetical order, entered the arena with Afghanistan leading the march-past. It was followed by Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The Indian contingent was led by National badminton champion Chetan Anand. In fact, the Indian squad.

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2. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         MY EXPERIENCE AT AN NSS CAMP

 Last year, I attended an MSS Camp at village Kashipur. This camp was organized by the NSS unit of our school. The aim of the camp was to educate the villagers about cleanliness and adult education. The duration of the camp was fifteen days. We found that the villagers were illiterate. We taught them how to read and write. We met the Zamindar of the village. His name was Shihu Balm. We asked him to work for the welfare of the villagers. We taught the villagers how to keep their streets neat and clean. We went into the houses of many persons. We also met Gafur. He was a very poor villager. But he was a kind man. He offered us tea. We enjoyed our NSS camp greatly. Time passed very fast. At last, the camp came to end and we returned to our homes.

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3. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                                     A SCIENCE FAIR

Last week a science fair was organized in our school. It was organized by the Science Club of our school. The students and the teachers had worked hard for the fair. The fair was held in the big hall of the school. The District Education Officer inaugurated The Science Fair. The aim of the fair was to show the progress of our country in the field of science. Secondly, it aimed at creating interest in science among the students. In the fair, more than 12 items were on display. Most of these were working models. The model of the steam engine was wonderful. Then there were charts that showed how an atomic chain reaction takes place. The model of the space rocket was fascinating. The students who ran the different stalls explained things with confidence. Apart from the students, people from the city also visited the fair. They were impressed by it. The District Education Gillett appreciated the work done by the students and the teachers.

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4. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         TORRENTIAL RAINS IN MY VILLAGE

This year there were heavy rains in many parts of North India. There were torrential rains in our village and the surrounding areas. At first, people welcome rains. They got relief from the scorching heat of the summer. But soon the rains became a source of trouble. It continued raining for ten days. The people of the village faced a lot of difficulties. The streets of the village were full of water. As these are kutcha streets, they became muddy and slippery. There was a flood in the nearby river. The floodwater entered the village also. The standing crops were destroyed. A number of kutcha houses collapsed due to floods and continuous torrential rains. Many cattle died. The normal life was disrupted. Our village was cut off from the other villages or cities because the roads were washed away. After ten days, the rains stopped. But still, it took many days for life to return normally.

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5. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans.                            How you celebrated the New Year

 New Year’s day is always very exciting for me. This year all the members of my family, my cousins, uncles, and aunts went for a picnic at the Garden of Five Senses in the South of New Delhi. We had taken a lot of foodstuff, games, etc. The garden is beautifully spread out. All the Five Senses of the body get their treat. You can feel the fresh non-polluting air, smell the beautiful flowers look at the different shapes and models of the gardens, near the tinkling sounds of the bells, and taste the varied kind of food. We were there for almost five-six hours. We came back home in the evening. All of us sat down and prayed for everybody’s well being and sent best wishes to all our friends.

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6. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans.                                     Independence Day Celebrations in Your School

Independence Day was celebrated in our school on 15th Aug. 2005. The Director of Environment Ministry was invited as the Chief Guest. The principal of the school hoisted the flag and the national anthem was sung. A colourful cultural programme was presented by the different classes. The best treat was a Punjabi dance presented by little children of the primary wing. The Chief Guest gave an inspiring speech. All of us were filled with a sense of pride and patriotism for our country. The refreshment was distributed. The programme ended on a happy note.

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7. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans.                                         A Wedding in My Family

In India, marriages are celebrated with great zeal, fun and fare, pomp and show. My sister’s marriage took place on 21st March last year. Suddenly everybody in the family got busy with one responsibility or the other. Long discussions were held to finalize even small matters. Local relatives visited us quite often and lent a helping hand. On the day of wedding, the house was tastefully decorated. Everything looked spick and span. A beautiful pandal was erected in the square opposite our house. The Barat arrived at the appointed time. The wedding ceremony was performed with Hindu Vedic rites. My sister looked like a fairy in her bridal dress. All of us had tears in our eyes when she left us.

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8. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans:                                      How you spent your summer vacation

This summer we went to our grammy’s place in Agra. She is a devotee of Radhaswami. So every day, we would get up at 5 a.m. get ready for a religious discourse of an hour; pray to God and come back home at around seven. My grandmother, them would make a sumptuous breakfast and treat us with choicest mangoes. My mother would ask us to finish our school homework. Then we would be joined by our cousins and the whole of the afternoon we would play indoor games likes chess, carom and cards. In the afternoon after lunch, my grandfather would narrate his experiences of hunting which he had abandoned now and narrated stories of bravery and valour. We would sleep early as the elders sat gossiping. It was fun to be spending the time together during summer vacation.

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9. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans                                      An incident I cannot forget

 The day before yesterday, I was coming back from school in the afternoon. My teacher also lives near my house. Both of us along with other children got down from the bus and started walking towards our home. My teacher was also walking beside me. Suddenly one motorbike stopped right in front of us. There were two tough-looking boys. One kept sitting on the bike, the other got down and snatched the purse of my teacher and started towards the bike. My teacher started shouting & screaming. When I realized that the boy had snatched away the purse, throwing away my school bag on one side. I pounced upon the guy cut off his arm and snatched the purse. He screamed in pain and climbed on the bike and escaped. My teacher immediately rang up to 100 and called the police. This incident I cannot forget.

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10. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans:                                 The Night before the Examination

Examinations are always hated, dreaded and sometimes avoided. They are a bugbear to the students. This is but natural. I am an average student. I confess that I do not study regularly. When the examined is at hand, I am caught in the grip of the examination fever. The fear of the unexpected and lack proper preparation shakes my self-confidence. On the night before the examination, I feel quite nervous sometimes I feel so tension-ridden that I lose my appetite. My friends, parents and sister come to my rescue. They soothe my tingling nerves and help me to concentrate on quick revision. I go through the notes throughout the night. The spectre (phantom) of examination does not allow me to have a wink of sleep at night.

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11. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans:                                  Travelling by a State-Owned City Bus

Travelling by a state-owned bus is nothing short of torture. The buses are old and ill-main frequency of bus service is low and the conductors are unsympathetic and sometimes even buses never bother to stop’, at their assigned stops and thus cause unnecessary discom commuters. Since state buses arc the cheapest means of conveyance, they are always owerwerd even ladies and old persons have to sometimes travel standing. Due to the constant movement of passengers from the rear gate to the front gate, the sensitive toes of the standing passengers often get hurt. Hot words are exchanged now and then. The pickpockets and eve-teasers have a field day. The victims are young women and teenagers. Thus travelling by a state-owned bus may sometimes prove an ordeal.

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12. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans:                                  Annual Sports Day of My School

Our school celebrated the Annual Sports Day last week. Then the entire programme gave a rare display of the enthusiasm and energy of the students who not only participated in various sports events but also performed exciting acrobatics and drill. Our chief guest was given a guard of honour by the students who marched past, saluting the guest of honour. Later the chief guest gave away prizes to all those students who had won the sports events and after saluting our National Flag by singing our National Anthem we gave the programme a befitting finale.

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13. Write a paragraph on the following topics in 80 words:

Ans:                                     Morning Assembly in My School

 Morning assembly is an important daily activity in our school. As soon as the bell rings, we assemble in queues in the playground. Our class teacher stands in front of us. Other teachers are also present there. The P.T.I. calls us to attention. Then we say our morning prayer. After that, there is a brief illuminating discourse by one of the teachers or a talk by some student. The drillmaster then takes over. We perform some light exercises to keep our body fit and active. Then the assembly is dismissed and we go to our classrooms to begin our studies.

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14. Write a paragraph on the following topic in about 80 words:     

 Ans:                                Your Experiences of a Summer Day in your City

 Summer is the season I dislike most. June and July are the hottest months of the summer season in Delhi. The sun shines brightly scorching heat is unbearable. Hot surface winds keep blowing continually. We experienced hot waves for a week. Twenty-fifth June was the hottest day. Mercury had shot up to 41°c. People had to remain confined within their houses under fans and coolers. The farmers and labourers stopped work and lay down tinder trees. The atmosphere outside was quite close, stuffy and suffocating. The afternoon was quite hot. Even the night was equally warm. We couldn’t have a wink of sleep due to the exceptional heat-wave conditions.

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15. Write a paragraph on any one of the following in about 80 words:

 Ans:                                       An Accident that You Have Seen

 Road accidents are quite common in overcrowded metro cities. Last week while I was returning home from my school, I witnessed a ghastly accident. A speeding bus hit a scooter and overturned it. A loud noise of collision was heard. Soon a crowd gathered at the cross-road. The scooter was completely crushed. Pieces of broken glasses lay scattered on the road. The police arrived on the scene. The scooter driver and his co-passenger were badly wounded. Stains of blood marked the road. Some passengers on the bus also got injuries. All the injured were taken to the hospital. The police arrested the bus driver and charged him with rash and negligent driving.

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16. Write a paragraph on the following Topic in about 80 words:

 Ans:                                               A Visit to a Book Fair A Book Fair

 A Visit to a Book Fair A Book Fair was held at Pragati Maidan from 14th November to 25th November. I visited the fair on Saturday evening with my friends Ajay and Vijay. It was an international book fair. So we had the good fortune to have a glimpse of the masterpieces produced in foreign countries as well. All the leading publishers of India had also set up their stalls there latest publications were on display. Artistic title covers and fine computerized printing made the books look more attractive and alluring. The firms also offered a discount on a cash sale. I bought a book on computers. Whereas my friends purchased books on General Knowledge and Current Affairs. The visit filled me with wonder. In fact, it proved quite rewarding.

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17. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:                                        

Ans:                   Independence Day Celebration as I saw on Television

It was the 54th Independence Day of India, which I decided to watch on television. On Aug 15, after paying tributes to the Father of Nation at Rajghat, the Prime Minister of India proceeded towards the Red Fort. He was given a grand guard of honour by the three contingents of NCC and defence. He shook hands with all the dignitaries and VIPs present on the lawns of the Red Fort. Then, he was taken up to the precincts of the Fort. He unfurled the Indian flag and immediately the National anthem was sung by everyone. Then the Prime Minister addressed the nation in a speech lasting forty-five minutes. The function ended with the loud Jai Hinds and everybody started to leave as soon as the Prime Minister left the premises of the Red Fort.

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18. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans.                            How you celebrated your birthday

This time on my 15th birthday. I decided to invite all my friends to a roof-top party. Since the rooms in my house are small. I decided that I could arrange the party on the vast rooftop. My parents readily gave their consent. I invited eight of my friends and decorated the rooftop with plants and balloons. Besides the cake, my mother cooked food which was supposed to be health food like sprout chat. Macaroni salad, vegetable noodles and delicious kheer and many other dishes. We played loud music and all of us danced joyfully. My father gave me a Titan watch; my mother had got me a beautiful dress. All my friends brought small gifts. In return, while thanking I gave them an autograph book each. This is how I celebrated my birthday.

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19. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans.                                 A Day without Electricity

 If God were living on earth I le would also run away to Heaven on the day when there is no electricity in the town. A day without electricity is really terrible and very difficult to spend. The heat takes its toll, the mosquitoes rule the world. The water supply is hampered, at some places there is not a drop of water. There are lots of traffic jams at the intersection. Nobody likes to wait for the other side. People get angry very fast and fight with each other without any reasons. Therefore, there should never be a day without electricity.

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20. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans.                                                          A Period without a Teacher

 It is always a pleasure to sit in a class when the teacher does not come. The naughty students start with their pranks. Some of the students get in front of the class and mimic the students and teachers making everybody laugh. The studious students open their homework notebooks and catch up with their work. Everyone talks at the top of his/her voice making the class a fish market. But everyone likes to have a period without a teacher during the day.

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21. Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans:                  My Experience of Travelling by the City Bus.                            

 Travelling by the city bus in Delhi is an experience in itself. It is a rare sight to see a city Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus going empty. If somebody sees an empty bus, he thanks his stars profusely. Once inside the bus, a passenger has to buy a ticket. Of late, these tickets have become costlier. Then, the passenger moves forward and looks for a vacant seat. A gentleman cannot occupy a ‘Ladies seat’ reserved for old and young ladies. If by chance, a Youngman sits on a ‘Ladies Only’ seat he becomes a victim of everybody’s witty jibes. In all, it is an interesting experience travelling by a DTC bus.

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22. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                             THE REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATION IN YOUR CITY

 Republic Day was celebrated with great pomp and show at the Arjun Stadium in our city. Mr SwarupKrishan, the Home Minister of our state was the Chief Guest. The Police, the home guards and the N.C.C. cadets of different schools took part in the march past. The Chief Guest unfurled the national flag and took the salute of policemen and the N.C.C. cadets. Many colourful items were presented on the stage. I also took part in the celebration. I sang a patriotic song. But the Bhangra presented by our school was the best item. Various schools and departments of the city displayed tables to show the progress of our country. The Chief Guest congratulated the police and the N.C.C. cadets for their performance. He gave away prizes to those who took part in the cultural programme. In his speech, he asked people to work for the upliftment of the country.

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23. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         WHEN I CELEBRATED MY BIRTHDAY

Last month, I celebrated my 16th birthday. It was celebrated with pomp and show. The big drawing-room in our house was decorated beautifully. My father had invited all his close friends. I had invited all my class-fellows. Many families from our colony were invited. The birthday cake was big and beautifully made. Sixteen candles were put on it. These candles showed that it was my sixteenth birthday. I touched the feet of my parents and received their blessings. Then I blew out the sixteen candles one by one. All the guests shouted with joy, “Happy Birthday to you.” Then I cut the birthday cake and distributed its small pieces among the guests. I got beautiful presents from my near and dear ones. My father had arranged an orchestra on this occasion. It presented a very good programme of music. In the end, the guests were served dinner. I will never forget my sixteenth birthday.

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24. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                             THE BLOOD DONATION CAMP ORGANI ED AT OURS HOOL

Blood donation is the highest kind of donation. The blood which we donate is used to save the lives of injured and sick people. Last month, a blood donation camp was organised at our school. It was held in the big hall of our school. The blood donation camp was inaugurated by the Deputy Commissioner of our district. The students from all the three local schools took part in the camp. The students of our school also showed great interest. I also took part in it and donated my blood. In the beginning, the medical officer gave a short speech on the usefulness of blood donation. He told us that blood donation does not make a person weak. After a few weeks, the loss of blood is compensated. Then the blood donation started. The students were made to lie on the beds and their blood was taken. Before taking the blood, the student was examined by the doctor. The blood donation continued for the whole day. It was a great success.

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25. Write a report as an eyewitness of a road accident that occurred near your school.

Ans.                                                     MAN CRUSHED TO DEATH

(By AC)

Delhi, March 4. A bus collided with a Maruti van overturned and crushed a pedestrian to death on Monday night.

 A speeding Maruti van collided with a school bus and overturned. It skidded and dragged a pedestrian to some distance and crushed him against the boundary wall of a house. The van driver suffered severe head injuries and was rushed to the hospital. The driver and the conductor of the bus fled away from the scene and are still absconding. This accident shows the callousness of drivers and scant respect for human life.

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