6.Sample Report Writing : Co-curricular Activities

By | May 4, 2018

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Co-curricular Activities Reports

“There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.”

John Adams

That part of education which teacher us how to live is co-curricular activity. Education without co-curricular activities is like educating the mind without educating the soul. Co-curricular activities are the activities through which a learner explores his abilities, eradicates his week nesses and creates a broader vision of life.

The important of co curricular activities in modern education can be fathomed by the fact that these activities have become an integral part of the curriculum policy and present day school life cannot be imagined without ongoing debates, recitations, inter house football and music competition to name a few from the ever increasing list. These activities not only give an equal footage to every child but also boost their confidence and spirit of independence. Students learn to contribute, manage and organize, individually as well as in a team.

It sparks their innate skill of leadership, responsibility, innovation and creativity. It provides a golden opportunity to promote original thinking and skillful implementation. It also help them inculcate and nurture the social and moral values. In short co-curricular activities play a vital role in producing better and more complete human beings.

We at ___ School Name_____ are not far behind and the school year of 20__-__ was no different. The map of co curricular activities is dotted with the achievements of our ___ School Name_____. Be it the international, national, state, district or city level our students shone everywhere keeping the legacy of ___ School Name_____ live and kicking.

We are indeed very proud of ___ Student Name ____ of class ___ who baged the First Prize in the International Talent Hunt Olympiad held at ___ Place ____ on ____ Date _____.

___ Student Name ____ of class __ and ___ Student Name ____ of class __ bagged Gold Medal and Silvar Medal respectively in the Brain – O – Brain Fest 20__, a national level competition with the motto ‘Empowering Worldwide’ held at __ Place ___ on __ Date ____. About 4300 students from 8 different states participated in the fest. ___ Student Name ____ of class __ received ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ on account of their excellent Performance in the National Level English and Hindi Essay Writing competition Organized by Petroleum conservation and Research Association in the month of ____ Date ___.

___ Student Name ____ of class __  received a ‘Certificate of Merit’ and a cash prize of 2500 from CBSE, Delhi on account of his meritorious performance in CBSE Expression Series held on ____ Date____. ___ Student Name ____ of class __ received ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ on account of her outstanding performance in the ‘National Level Painting Competition’ organized by Petroleum and Research Association, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India held in the month of ____ Date ____. ___ Student Name ____ of class __ received Consolation Prize in the Shri Jhunhjunwala Memoral All India English Debate Competition at Dondlod Vidyapeeth on ___ Date _____.

___ School Name ____ Dance team got ____ Prize in the Inter-School Dance Competition conducted by Government of Haryana under ‘Kala Utsav’ programme on ___ Date____. ___ Student Name ____ of class __ stood first at the District Level Science Seminar conducted by Department of Education, Hisar on 2 August 2016 and subsequently stood second in the State Level Seminar held at SCERT,___ Place ____, ___ Date___.

Her topic for seminar was ‘pulses for Sustainable Food Security-Prospects and Challenges.’ ___ Student Name ____ of class were facilitated with Certificate of Achievement and Trophies for their outstanding performance in the ‘2nd Intellect of the Districts-2016’ an Inter-School talent hunt for students of ___ Place Name ____ on 28 February 2016. ___ Student Name ____ of class __ was selected as the Junior RJ on ___ Date _____ on Big 92.7 FM. ___ Student Name ____ of class __ received the Consolation Prize in Sculpture Making Competition held on the birth anniversary of Mr. Nek Chand Saini, the creator of Rock Garden of Chandigarh. The School choir (Vocal) got the Second Prize in the District Level Group Song Competition in both Hindi and Sanskrit Categories organized by Bharat Vikas Parisd, Haryana on ____ Date ____.

___ Student Name ____ of class ___  G bagged First Prize in the ‘Colouring and identifying Geometrical Shapes’, ___ Student Name ____  of Class ___ Go Second Prize in ‘Making 3D Figures’ and ___ Student Name ____  of class __ and ___ Student Name ____  of Class ___ RECEIVED Second Prize in Formlae’ Competition in Inter-School Mathematics competition organized by _______. ___ Student Name ____  class ___ bagged cash prize of 25000 on account of securing second position in the Community Innovation Challenge 20____ conducted by _____________.

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