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Class- 11 & 12 Report Writing Format, Samples and Examples


A report is a written or spoken account of an event. It gives relaying information or recounts certain events in a widely presentable form. It presents a focused and salient content. It is often used to display the result of an experiment, investigation or inquiry. It may use graphics, images or specialized vocabulary to persuade the audience to undertake an action.

Format of Report

The traditional format of a report is IMRAD, viz. Introduction, Methods, Results And Discussion. We can I say that a report is a very useful method of keeping track of important information.

How Should a Report be written?

One should keep in mind the following instructions to write a good report.

(i)Make an attractive heading for the topic of the report. This is where you can clue readers to what to expect without detailing.

 (ii) Provide background information in brief, but be insightful on the selection of your report. Perhaps it is related to something mentioned during class or it might be an answer to a burning question posed by yourself or a classmate.

(iii) Briefly describe the steps of inquiry or the method used. A good report leaves no question unanswered. Note that readers always want to know exactly which steps were taken.

(iv) Explain the reasons why the report is meaningful for the audience or readers. Convince through your writing that it’s something for them to remember.

(v) Now conclude the report. This is the right place where you can give your feelings.

 (vi) Read the report aloud to make sure it flows from concept to concept. Ask yourself if a stranger, not related to the topic of the report in any way, would be able to understand your report.

(vii) Finally, check for spelling and grammar. Remember that a good report is properly edited.

Value Points or Main Clues

(a)RobberylAccidentlCalamitylDisease outbreak/Civic problem

(i) Catchy headline — expansion of headline in the first sentence highlighting what/when/where

(ii) Give a reason, if any/motive

 (iii) Details in brief

(iv) Eyewitness account

 (v) Casualties, damage, etc. (if any)

(vi) Action was taken

(vii) Relief measures (if applicable)

 (viii) Conclusion/comments

 (b) Cultural/Sports events

 (i) Occasion/organiser/sponsor, etc.

 (ii) Date, venue (time optional)

(iii) Chief guest/special invitees

(iv) Objectives and main highlights of the programme

(v) Prize distribution/Annual report (if applicable)

 (vi) Message by chief guest/dignitary

(vii) Vote of thanks

(viii) Overall response

 (c) Competitions

(i) Occasion/organiser

(ii) Date, venue, objective

(iii) Name of the competition, level, topic, if any, participation

(iv) Inaugural ceremony/welcome

 (v) Chief guest, judges, etc.

(vi) Highlights related to performance, result, etc.

 (vii) Prize distribution

(viii) Special remarks/address (if any)

 (ix) Vote of thanks

(d) Workshop/Seminar/Talk

(i) What, by whom, for whom

(ii) Date, venue, duration, etc.

(iii) Guest speakers, the panel of experts, etc.

(iv) Chief Guest, invitees, etc.

 (v) Activities are undertaken

(vi) Aids used — MMP, audio-visual charts, documentary films, etc.

(vii) Literary or field activities (if any)

 (viii) The interactive session, including question-answer round (if any)

 (ix) Expert’s comments

 (x) Vote of thanks

 (xi) Overall effect

(e) RallylDrivelCampaign

 (i) What, by whom

(ii) Duration, venue or places covered

(iii) Objective, motto (if any)

(iv) Activities are undertaken

(v) Any display/educational material used, for example, placard, banner, pamphlet, etc.

(vi) Special remarks by a dignitary/chief guest, etc.

(vii) Overall success

 (f) Camp/Visit/Exhibition, etc.

 (i) Place, destination, etc.

 (ii) Organiser, sponsor (if any)

 (iii) Duration, date, etc.

(iv) The number of persons/visitors, etc.

(v) Description as applicable

  • a theme of the exhibition, type /range, etc./quality of exhibits
  • places of sightseeing, food, scenic beauty, etc.
  • the purpose and nature of camp, activities are undertaken

 (vi) Overall response

More Samples and Examples of Report Writing Are:-

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Report Writing No.7 Heritage Quiz Contest

Report Writing No.8 Parenting — A New Dimension

Report Writing No.9 Investiture Ceremony

Report Writing No.10   Students Going to be Fit Way

Report Writing No.11 Rising Prices Create a Crisis

Report Writing No.12 Fire Accident

Report Writing No.13 Non-availability of Rationing Items

Report Writing No.14 Car Rams Into Bus

Report Writing No.15 The New School Library

Report Writing No.16 Sarvodaya Vidyalaya New Auditorium

Report Writing No.17 THE SPCA CAMP

Report Writing No.18 Charity Show in AID of Flood Affected People

Report Writing No.19 Inauguration Of Computer Wing

Report Writing No.20 Blood Donation Camp

Report Writing No.21 Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Report Writing No.22 Laudable Performance of the School Team in the Republic Day Parade

Report Writing No.23 Bharat Jaag Utha

Report Writing No.24 Changes in Constitution Proposed

Report Writing No.25 The Importance of Blood Donation

Report Writing No.26 Reducing Retirement Age in Public Sector

Report Writing No.27 Unprecedented Rise in the Prices of Vegetables and Pulses

Report Writing No.28 Free Education Up to Secondary Level

Report Writing No.29 Collection of Funds For the Families of Kargil Victims

Report Writing No.30 Library Week Celebrations

Report Writing No.31 Say No to Polythene Bags

Report Writing No.32 Mushrooming of Health Clubs and Beauty Parlours

Report Writing No.33 The CBSE Quiz Contest

Report Writing No.34 The First Aid Training Programme

Report Writing No.35 Inter-school Oratorical Competition