CBSE Class 12 English Writing Skills Formats Pdf Along With Report Sample

By | December 12, 2020
CBSE Class 12 English Writing Skills Formats Pdf Along With Report Sample

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1. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         WHEN I WAS PUNISHED BY MY TEACHER

I will never forget the day when I was punished by my teacher. it was the period of English. Our English teacher Sh. Ved Parkash Khanna was teaching us. The chapter was boring. I thought of having some fun. I made a paper aeroplane. When the teacher turned his back to write on the blackboard, I flew the aeroplane. I wanted to send it to my friend sitting in the last row. But due to the wind, the paper aeroplane flew towards the teacher. It settled on his bald head. All the boys in the class roared with laughter. The teacher became red with anger. From the corner of his eye, he had seen me flying the paper aeroplane. He took his stick and beat me. I felt pain but I tolerated it. It was my mistake. So I felt sorry and asked the teacher to forgive me. The teacher forgave me but I felt pained as I had been beaten before my class-fellows.

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2. Write a short Paragraph on “An Accident”

Ans:-                                                   An Accident

 Last Wednesday, I was going to my school on foot on ITO Road. I was with my friend Ravi. The road was very busy because it was a rush hour. Suddenly I heard a loud noise. I looked around and found a bus moving towards the pavement. One of its tyres had burst. The driver lost control of the vehicle. The bus ran on the pavement, hit the electric pole and came to a half. The driver and two passengers sitting in the front received minor injuries. Luckily no one was run over by the bus. Otherwise, it might have been a big accident. People rushed to the bus. They helped the driver and the two passengers to get down. They were taken to a nearby hospital.

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3. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                                     MY VISIT TO A HILL STATION

 Last year, I visited Mussourie. I and two of my friends went together. Mussourie is a beautiful hill station. It is surrounded by tall and majestic hills. From Dehradun, Mussourie is only one hour away by bus. The way to Mussourie from Dehradun is very steep. At night one can see the beautiful and shining city of Mussourie from Dehradun. In the same way, from Mussourie one can see below the lights of Dehradun at night. There are a number of beauty spots in and around Mussourie. Thousands of tourists visit this hill station from India and the other countries. We stayed at Mussourie for a week. We went to see the Kempty Falls. We had a beautiful glimpse of the Himalayas from Lal Tibba hill. We enjoyed a ride in the rope-way trollies at Dunhill. We visited Dhanllti also. The lake at Mussourie is small but beautiful. We did some shopping in the Chinese market. The memory of my visit to Mussourie will always remain fresh in my mind.

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4. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         MY FIRST VISIT TO A BIG CITY

 I live in a small town. But last month I visited Delhi. It is the capital of India. It is a very big city. I was wonder-struck to see life in this big city. There is a big rush in Delhi. People are rushing from her, to there all day. The rush and traffic increase at about 9 A.M. When people go to offices, schools and colleges. There is again a great rush at about six in the evening when people come home from offices. I saw big buildings in Delhi. The railway station and the bus stand are big and crowded. There are a number of cinema houses in Delhi. While loitering on the road, I felt thirsty. I looked for a tap or a hand pump but I found none. I was surprised to find that even drinking water is sold there. I visited the Parliament House, the Zoo, the Red Fort and the Birla Mandir. I heaved a sigh of relief when I returned to the calm and peaceful atmosphere of my small town.

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5. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         A QUARREL AT AN ELECTION BOOTH

 During the recent Assembly elections, I witnessed a quarrel at an election booth. The Hindu Girls College was one of the election booths. I went to cast my vote there. There was a keen contest between the candidate of Congress party and an Independent candidate. By the midnight it became clear that the independent candidate was not getting as many votes as the Congress candidate. The Independent candidate was sure to lose. So his supporters created a row. They said that the ballot boxes had been tampered with. They started raising slogans and abusing the candidate of the other party. The supporters of that party also came there and quarrelled with them. From words, they came to blows. At once a police party reached there and controlled the situation. At last, the matter was settled peacefully.

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6. G.B. Institute recently organised a ‘No Tobacco’ Workshop. Write a report on the same to be published in the newspaper in 150-200 words.

Ans.                                                             No Tobacco Workshop

by Nandita Das

 New Delhi 2 June 20XX

“Most people start smoking at the age of fifteen. About 8-9 lakh people die of tobacco use every year”, said Mrs Kanchan Ghosh, CHO, Pratap Institute. She presided over the ‘No Tobacco’ Workshop as the Chief Guest. The workshop was held at G.B. Institute under the aegis of Anti-tobacco Cell of Delhi Government. Pictures, posters and cartoons depicting the harmful effects of smoking were displayed all along the corridors of the Institute. A skit, directed by Som Dutta, eminent theatre personality, was presented to highlight the miserable plight of tobacco addicts. A panel of experts from the renowned medical institutes of Delhi gave an illuminating discourse on the diseases caused by tobacco consumption, measures taken by the government to check the menace and the proposed ban on films glamorising smoking. A documentary film was also screened showing the plight of patients dying of throat and lung cancer.

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7. You are a press reporter. Write a report on the recent cattle catching drive launched by MCD to clear stray cattle from Delhi roads. (Word limit: 150-200)

Ans.                                                                    Cattle-catching Drive

by Manish Madan

New Delhi, 15 June XX

Following a directive from the Delhi High Court to clear the city of stray cattle, MCD’s Veterinary Department launched a week-long cattle-catching drive in all its zones. The eight-member team could be seen catching stray cattle in different areas of Delhi. The technique consisted of throwing a rope around the animal’s neck and manoeuvring it into a waiting truck. According to an eyewitness in the Okhla Industrial Area, a caravan of trucks halted in the area and a group of eight men armed with lassos and tranquilliser guns leapt out of them and soon the whole place was transformed into a bull ring. The catchers rounded up 22 stray cattle from this area on the first day, six of these were buffaloes. These animals were sent to a shelter house run by Delhi Administration `gaushalas’.

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8. You recently attended an Asthma Care Camp organised by Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mangla Puri, to observe World Asthma Day. Write a report on the same in 150-200 words for your school magazine. You are Rajat Rawal, President, Health Club.

Ans.                                                     World Asthma Day Celebrated

 Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mangla Puri, celebrated ‘World Asthma Day, on 3 May 20XX with an asthma care camp from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. A team of thirty students from different schools of Delhi was invited to help as volunteers. Around 150 patients were screened for asthma and other chest-related diseases. Fifty patients were offered free spirometry test. All the patients were given free samples of drugs and IEC materials as well. Besides this, they received health education on respiratory disorders, their possible causes and remedies through banners, audio-visual aids, MMP and interactive discussions by experts. Speaking on the occasion, Dr D.K. Bagrodia, the CMO, informed that increasing pollution was the main cause of allergic respiratory disorders, especially among children. The camp provided a useful insight into chest-related issues.

Rajat Rawal


 Health Club

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9. You are a reporter with Dainik Times. You recently witnessed a road accident due to rash and negligent driving by a blueline bus driver. The driver lost control of the bus. It hit a pole leaving two persons dead and twenty-five injured. Write a report on the same in 150-200 words.

Ans.                                               The Killer Wheels

Abhinav Gautam: Reporter — Dainik Times

New Delhi, 07 May 20XX

 ‘No persons died and twenty-five were injured, when a bus from Punjabi Bagh to Dwarka hit a pole near the Raja Garden intersection. The collision was so severe that the valves of the CNG cylinders burst open and the gas gushed out. The injured were rushed to Maharaja Agarsen Hospital. According to hospital sources, a woman, identified as Renuka Kanwar (40) was brought dead and Mr Anil Kumar, a resident of Kirti Nagar succumbed to injuries soon after. The bus was badly damaged and had to be towed away by the traffic police. According to a passenger, “The blast was so powerful that we thought that a bomb had exploded inside the bus.” The driver, Ram Singh, fled the scene. In the meanwhile, the police are questioning the passengers about how the bus went out of control. An enquiry has been ordered into the case.

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10. Prabjyoti Senior Secondary School recently organised a four-day Personality Development and Leadership Training Camp for the students aspiring to be the leaders/prefects/monitors of the school. Write a report about the same in 150-200 words for the school magazine.

Ans.                                     Personality Development and Leadership Training Camp

With a view to promoting positive thinking, team spirit and overall dynamism in students, Prabjyoti Senior Secondary School, Agartala, conducted a four-day Personality Development and Leadership Training camp from May 15 to 18, 20XX, in the school campus. About sixty young aspirants vying to be the school captains, monitors and prefects participated in the camp with an overnight stay on all days. The number of activities outlined during the camp included adventure sports like flying fox, rock climbing, river crossing, mind-boggling puzzles and group games and many more. A panel of judges presided over the activities. The students were put to gruelling sessions wherein they were judged for creative thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, communicative ability, etc. The cultural activities ranged from event management to performance in role-playing, JAM session, group discussion, etc. In all, the camp provided great exposure to all.


Editor, School Magazine

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11. You are Vibha Sharma, a news reporter. Write a short report on the Education Fair for a local newspaper. (Word limit: 150-200)

Ans.                                                                             Education Fair

by Vibha Sharma: Reporter

New Delhi, 10 April 20XX

Education Fair 20XX organised by `Disha’, an NGO, was held at Subha Auditorium, Kinari Lane between April 6 and 8, 20XX. More than 20 exhibitors from renowned Indian educational institutions/ universities showcased their professional programmes and courses at this global fair. The interesting features of the fair were seminars and workshops on career counselling, prospects of studying abroad, new streams and avenues, etc. Besides this, there were institute presentations, product demonstrations and LCD presentations by experts. About 2200 students from prestigious schools and colleges visited the fair and got expert guidance from well-qualified teachers and professionals with access to the latest information and technical expertise.

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12. The Heritage Centre, Rohtas, organised a national level Inter-school Quiz Contest with its academic partner, LIC. Construct a report on the same for the school magazine giving necessary details. You are Veenu Khera, President of the Quiz Club. (Word limit: 150-200)

Ans.                                                                      Heritage Quiz Contest

The ace quiz master, Mr Boggle Shah, conducted the National Inter-school Quiz Contest organised by the Heritage Centre, Rohtas, with its academic partner LIC on 2 May 20XX, in the school premises. The mega event had twenty-two teams taking part in it with three outstation teams. After energetically contesting through a series of mind-boggling rounds, six teams made it to the final round. Stuti Sharma and Pingale Dev of Happy School were the winners of the quiz and won a cash prize of 10,000 each. The prizes were given away by the chairperson, Mr Rekhi, Mr S. Balu, the Director, LIC, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. There were a host of prizes for the audience, whose cheerful and enthusiastic participation set a lively mood throughout the quiz.

Veenu  Khera


Quiz Club

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13. Your school organised an Orientation Programme for the parents of the newly admitted LKG students. Construct a report in 150-200 words giving details of the programme for the school magazine. You are Kamla Nayyar, Staff Secretary, Primary Wing.

Ans.                                                               Parenting — A New Dimension

An orientation programme on ‘Parenting’ was held on April 14 for the parents of LKG students. The programme began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the school Principal, Mr A.K. Dave, followed by his welcome address. The school choir presented an action song to welcome the guests. The eminent child psychologist, Dr P.K. Bhargava, was the main speaker who enlightened the gathering about the role of the parents in the holistic development of the child, the close bonding between parent-teacher and parent-child for enhancing a child’s confidence and self-esteem. In the enactment session, parents role-played different life situations. An energetic interactive session then began between the panel of experts and the parents. It was an enriching experience for all.

Kamla Nayyar

Staff Secretary, Primary Wing

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14. You are Ravi Verma, the newly elected Head Boy of JKPS School. Write a report (Word limit: 150-200) for the school magazine about the Investiture Ceremony held recently in your school.

Ans.                                                                  Investiture Ceremony

The new office-bearers of JKPS School were sworn in at a solemn ceremony on 25 April 20XX. The ACP, Northwest zone, Mr Rajvanshi, presided over the function as the Chief Guest. A guard of honour was presented by the school band. This was followed by a prayer dance by the students of Dance Club. Thirty-two students, who were appointed as the school leaders, as well as the class monitors and prefects,  were given badges by the Chief Guest along with the Principal, Mr G.D. Singh. Taking the oath of duty and secrecy, the students pledged to uphold the dignity and tradition of the school. The meritorious award winners were also felicitated with certificates and mementoes.

Ravi Verma

Head Boy

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15. A new indoor gymnasium has recently been constructed and inaugurated at APJ International school at Goa. As a special correspondent of ‘The Hindu’, draft a report in 150-200 words on the gymnasia’s and the inauguration ceremony.

Ans.                                                            Students Going to be Fit Way

by XYZ, Correspondent, The Hindu

Panaji, Goa, 29 March 20XX

APJ International School recently acquired one of the striking features =GYMNASIUM’. The gymnasium with its long list of equipment is a jewel in the school’s infrastructure. The Gym has been constructed in an area beneath the school stage. The hall is air-conditioned with the walls covered with mirrors.

The inauguration ceremony took place on 28 March 20XX, with Mrs XYZ, being the chief guest. The occasion was also graced by the school founder, school director and other eminent people from the school board.

It was a big occasion, with school teachers and students being in great spirits, at the opening of the new gymnasium, as it brings an array of equipment that would help increase height, reduce weight and tone up muscles. The tiny tots are exclusively interested in the multi-coloured treadmill.

The school hopes the students will take advantage of the gym and will remain fit.

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16. Your school Commerce Association organised a seminar for class XII students of the schools of your zone on the topic, ‘Rising Prices Create a Crisis’. As Co-ordinator of the programme, write a report in 150-200 words for your school magazine. You are Piyush/Priya of ABC School, Agra.

Ans.                                                                 Rising Prices Create a Crisis

 A seminar was organised by the Commerce Association on 17 February 20XX for class XII students of the North Zone on the topic ‘Rising Prices Create a Crisis. The seminar was conducted in the school auditorium. The programme was interesting and educative and highlighted the present world in which the common man finds it difficult to make both ends meet. The primary cause is the rising prices of essential commodities.

The students of different schools discussed how the drastic change in the economy invariably led to a hike in the price of petrol and diesel to affect the entire economic structure. The trade, industry and agricultural sectors have been put at stake because with liberalisation and privatisation, there has been an increased entry of multinational companies.

 Mr Krishna year, the CEO of Infosys, was the chief guest. He discussed the financial budget of the year with the students. He focussed on the fact that the rising prices of basic goods will lead to poor quality of life for the lower socio-economic group and increase the number of people living below the poverty line. Policy decision-makers should keep the poor people in mind.

A student of KP Public School won the trophy for the best speaker. All other students were given ° participation certificates by the school.


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17. You witnessed a fire accident in a slum area near your colony on Saturday night. You were very much disturbed at the pathetic sight. Write a report in 150-200 words for your school magazine. You are Lakshmi/Lakshman, a student of P.D.K. International School, Madurai.

 Ans.                                                                           Fire Accident

by Lakshmi, a student of P.D.K. International School, Madurai

 Last Saturday, on 6 May 20XX, a huge devastating fire broke out in Seemapuri slum area. I was at my house and taking dinner with my family when I heard loud cries and shouts. I looked out of my balcony and saw to my horror that the houses made of mud in the slum area were on fire. A huge cloud of smoke was rising from the area. Within minutes the flames began to engulf the whole area. The people were caught unawares. Out of sheer panic, they started throwing water and sand available in the vicinity of the fire, but all in vain. The high surface winds of the summer were the other reason that caused the fire to spread quickly. Soon the fire brigade arrived and the rescue operation began. It took nearly 4 hours to put out the fire. All the people trapped inside the locality were saved. A short circuit is said to be the cause of the fire. Police investigations are on to ascertain the cause of this blaze.

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18. You attended a public meeting at the Community Hall, Dindigul recently, wherein people expressed their sentiments that many rationing items were not available at several public distribution outlets in the city, expressing apprehension of their misuse. Write a report in 150-200 words to be published in a local daily, Dindigul Times. You are Komal/Karan, a reporter.

Ans.                                                    Non-availability of Rationing Items

by Karan, Reporter

Dindigul, 7 March 20XX

A public meeting was held on March 6 at the Community Hall to hear the grievances of the people regarding the non-availability of rationing items. The hall was filled to capacity and the people were not only sentimental but also full of anger at the government’s casual attitude. They were not ready to accept the plea that many necessary items are short. They were pretty sure that this plea of the shortage was only misleading and things were being misused. They also blamed that the system of public distribution is not fair. They were not ready to listen to the statements made by the government officials who were there. They raised anti-government slogans and warned them of extreme actions if things did not improve immediately. We spoke to many people and found out that in this time of rising prices how useful this public distribution is. In the absence of day-to-day commodities, it is very difficult for a poor man to survive. We hope the authorities will look into the matter and take the necessary step.

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19. Kiran Chander, a staff reporter with Daily Hindustan in Agra, reports about a road accident involving a lorry and a Maruti car. Write his report including details of a number of people injured and the extent of damage caused to the colliding vehicles in not more than 100 words.

Ans:-                                                                CAR RAMS INTO BUS

 Agra: 18 May: A DTU bus coming from Jaipur collided with a Maruti car coming from the opposite side, 15 km from here. The accident occurred when the car driver in his attempt to save a stray dog lost control over the wheel and crashed head-on with the bus. All the three occupants of the car — the driver, a businessman and his wife — were killed on the spot. The car was twisted out of shape, while the windscreen of the bus was also smashed. The driver of the bus and six of its passengers was badly injured. All of them have been admitted to the local civil hospital, and are reported to be out of danger.

Kiran Chander

 Staff Reporter for Daily Hindustan


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20. Your school has recently shifted the school library to a spacious hall with many facilities and it draws more students thus promoting reading habit among students. You are XYZ, the school pupil leader. Write a factual description of the new library is not more than 125 words.

Ans:-                                                                The New School Library

The old one-room school library has now been shifted to a new spacious hall on the first floor of the school. It is now a well-planned library with separate sections for books on each subject. It is beautifully lighted and well-ventilated. One corner of the hall has been provided with stands for newspapers and journals. Students can go there in their vacant periods and refresh their knowledge on current affairs. Two clerks and a librarian help students to find out the books they want to read. There are tables and chairs where students can sit and read the books they want to. They can prepare their own notes and take them home for use. Some books are for reference only. They are not issued for home. They can be studied and used in the library only. Others can be issued for a period of two weeks. One student can borrow three books at a time from the library. Complete silence is observed in the library. It is a pleasure to sit there and read a book. The library will certainly go a long way in promoting reading habit among students.


 (Pupil Leader)

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21. You are Kiran Yadav of Sarvodaya Vidyalaya and your school has recently built a well-planned auditorium to hold academic and cultural programmes. The editor of your school magazine has asked you to write a factual description of the auditorium for the School Magazine. Write Kiran’s description in not more than 100 words.

Ans:                                         SARVODAYA VIDYALAYA NEW AUDITORIUM

Dec. 31: As a result of the great efforts of our worthy Principal, the school has now a new auditorium where academic, cultural and other programmes can be held at any time of the year. It is well-planned, airy and spacious. It has a seating capacity of over 6(X), with an aisle in the middle and also side passages. The floor of the auditorium slopes gently towards the stage. Besides the main gate on the opposite side of the stage, the auditorium has six other doors so that there is no commotion at the time of entry or exit. The auditorium was inaugurated by the Welfare Minister on the seventh of April.

Kiran Yadav

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22. You recently attended a camp organised by the SPCA—Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Prepare a report about it, to be published in your school magazine. Sign as Sagar / Sagarika. (Word limit: 125 words)

Ans:-                                                    THE SPCA CAMP

The SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) organised a camp from the 8th of March to the 17th of the month. A group of five students, including myself, from our school, also attended this camp. In this camp, we were told about the different forms of cruelty done to animals. We often see farmers beating the bulls while ploughing their fields. We see cart drivers raining blows at their animals. We see chickens with their legs tied and hung from a bicycle handle. But most of us never care to stop this cruelty or protest against it. In the SPCA camp, we were told that it is our moral duty to protect innocent animals from meaningless cruelty. No doubt, there are laws against cruelty to animals. But these laws are just on paper. Each participant in the camp took a vow not to tole any form of cruelty to animals. After attending this camp, my whole attitude towards animals has changed. I look upon them as God’s creatures, not just animals.


Class XII

XYZ School

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23. You are Rohit / Rashi of Vivekananda Sr. Secondary School of Bangalore. Your school has recently conducted a charity show in aid of the flood affected people of Andhra. As Cultural Secretary of the Students’ Council of your school writes a brief report in not more than 100 words on this activity of the school for publication in ‘The Hindu’. 

Ans:-                                          CHARITY SHOW IN AID OF FLOOD-AFFECTED PEOPLE

Aug. 16: A charity show was conducted by Vivekananda Sr. Secondary School of Bangalore in aid of the flood-affected people of Andhra. The show was conducted by the Cultural Society of the Students’ Council of the school. As part of the show, a fete and a one-act play ‘Love Conquers All’ were organised. All the students put in their best to make the show a success. Tickets for the fete and the play were sold in advance. A good amount of money was collected by way of some interesting games at the fete. In all, the society was able to collect Rs. 18960/-. The entire collection was sent through a Demand Draft to the Chief Minister’s Flood Relief Fund.


Cultural Secretary

Vivekananda Sr. Secondary School

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24. You are Sudarshan / Seema of Rajeev Gandhi Memorial Sr. Secondary School, Allahabad. Your school has just inaugurated its new Computer Wing, constructed with generous grants from the Rajeev Gandhi Foundation. Write a report in not more than 100 words for your school magazine on the programme organised by the school on this occasion.

Ans:-                                        INAUGURATION OF COMPUTER WING

Nov. 25: The new Computer Wing of the school was inaugurated by Dr Ravi Sharma, Principal of Govt. Polytechnic, Allahabad. The construction of the wing has been possible due to generous grants from the Rajeev Gandhi Foundation. On this occasion, a talk on computers and their use was organised by the Science Club of the school. The talk was given by Dr Arvind Sharma, who has recently returned from America after advanced training in computer science. The talk was very interesting and informative. He told the students about different kinds of computers and their use in our present-day life. He impressed upon the students to take maximum advantage of their new computer wing and gain some elementary knowledge about the working of computers while they are yet in the school stage. Really, the computer wing is going to help the students a great deal.



Rajeev Gandhi Memorial Sr. Sec. School

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25. A tragedy occurred at Deewana near Panipat. After an explosion the compartments of the Samjhauta Express caught fire. Taking help from the hints given below write a report.

February 19, Panipat-67 killed; 15 injured; explosive; train from Delhi; terrorists’ involvement, ex-gratia announced; officials; forensic experts.

Ans.                                                     GHASTLY TRAGEDY AT DEEWANA

(by Rakesh)

Panipat, February 20. A ghastly tragedy occurred near Deewana on February 19 in the Atari bound Samjhauta Express. The ill-fated train left Delhi at 10.50 pm and at about 12.10 explosions was heard. The coaches caught fire. The speed of the train caused the fire to spread quickly. The tragedy left 67 dead and 15 injured.

The involvement of terrorists is a possibility. The officials reached the spot and the forensic experts are investigating. Ex-gratia grant of 1 lakh has been announced to the next of the kin of the deceased. Everybody condemned this cowardly act of the terrorists.

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