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By | March 5, 2024
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A Letter to God Very Short Question Answer

Q.1. Where was the house’ located?

Ans.The House’ was located on the top of a low hill.

Q.2. Why do you think it is called ‘the’ house and not ‘a house’?

Ans. It is called ‘the house’ and not ‘a house’ because it was the only house in the entire valley.

Q.3. Why did Lencho keep gazing at the sky?

Ans. Lencho kept gazing at the sky because he wished for rain.

Q.4. How did Lencho feel when it started raining?

Ans. Lencho felt very happy.

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Q.5. What was the effect of the rain on the crops?

Ans. His crops were destroyed because of the rain and the storm.

Q.6. Lencho had only one hope. What was it?

Ans. Lencho’s only hope was help from God.

Q.7. Who was Lencho?

Ans. Lencho was a hard-working farmer.

Q.8. What had Lencho been doing throughout the morning?

Ans. He had been looking at the clouds in the northeast throughout the morning.

Q.9. What did Lencho’s field need badly?

Ans. His fields needed heavy rain badly.

Q.10. What does Lencho call the rain-drops?

Ans. He calls the big rain-drops ten cent pesos and the small rain-drops five cent pesos.

Q.11. How did Lencho’s field look after the hails had rained?

Ans. The field looked as if covered with salt.

 Q.12. What was the effect of the hail storm on tile valley?

Ans. No crop or vegetation was left in the entire Valley.

Q.13. Who did Lencho write a letter to?

Ans. Lencho wrote a letter to God.

Q.14. How much money did Lencho demand from God?


Why did Lencho write a letter to God?

Ans. In his letter, Lencho demanded one hundred pesos from God.

Q.15. How much money did Lencho receive from God?

Ans. He received only seventy pesos from God.

Q.16. Who sent the money to Lencho?

Ans. The postmaster sent the money to Lencho.

Q.17. Why did the post-master decide to answer Lencho’s letter to God?

Ans. By doing so he wanted to protect Lencho’s faith in God.

Q.18. How did Lencho feel when he counted the money in the envelope?

 Ans. He got angry after counting the money in the envelope.

 Q.19. Who does Lencho blame for the loss of thirty pesos in the envelope?

Ans. He blames the post-office employees for this loss.

 Q.20. What does Lencho call the post-office employees?


How did Lencho describe the post-office employees?

Ans. He calls them “a bunch of crooks.”

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