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By | February 9, 2023
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A Letter to God

By G.L. Fuentes  

About the Author- G.L. Fuentes                 

Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes was born on July 11, 1897, at Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. He first went to sea as a deck boy with his father at the age of ten. As a teenager, Fuentes worked on cargo ships that went out of the Canary Island to Trinidad and Puerto Rico. He also sailed to the Spanish parts of Valencia and Sevilla to South America. He migrated permanently to Cuba at the age of twenty-two. Fuentes, a lifelong cigar smoker, died from cancer in 2002 at the age of 105 years.

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Introduction of the lesson- A Letter to God

Lencho was a farmer. He was an extremely hard-working man. However, his crop was destroyed in an exceedingly Hailstorm. He had a firm belief in God. He thought that God would surely him. Thinking this he wrote a letter to God. He asked God to send him some money. At the post-office, the master read Lencho’s letter. He and the other postmen of the post-office wanted to help Lencho. They collected some amount to help him and placed the collected amount into an envelope. The next Sunday, Lencho came to check whether there was any letter for him. The master gave him that envelope. Once Lencho opened the envelope he found the cash. But it was less than what he had requested for. He wrote another letter to God He asked God to send him the rest of the money. But he asked God not to send it by post because the post-office employees were a bunch of crooks.

(लैंचो एक किसान था I  वह बहुत मेहनती था I  मगर उसकी फसल ओलों के तूफ़ान में नष्ट हो गई थी I  उसे भगवान में पक्का विश्वास था I  उसने सोचा कि ईश्वर उसकी सहायता करेगें I  इसलिए उसने भगवान को एक पत्र लिखा I  उसने भगवान से कहा कि वह उसे पैसा भेंजे I  डाकघर में पोस्टमास्टर ने वह पत्र पढ़ा I  उसने एवं डाकघर के डाकियों ने लैचों की सहायता करने का फैसला किया I  उन्होंने कुछ पैसा इकट्ठा करके एक लिफाफे में डाल दिया I  अगले रविवार लैंचो डाकखाने गया और पूछा क्या उसके लिए कोई पत्र है I  पोस्टमास्टर ने उसे वह लिफाफा दे दिया I  जब लैंचों ने वह लिफाफा खोला तो उसमें पैसा था I  मगर यह उस राशि से कम था जितनी उसने माँगी थी I  उसने भगवान को दूसरा पत्र लिखा कि वह बाकी का पैसा भेजें I  मगर उसने भगवान को कहा कि वह पैसा डाक से न भेजें I  क्योंकि डाकघर के कर्मचारी  तो ठगों का एक टोला हैं I )

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