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By | April 29, 2024
The Thief Story Short Question Answer

The Thief Story Short Question Answer

1. Why did Hari Singh not make many friends?

 Ans. Hari Singh did not have friends as he believed that friends were more trouble than help. Moreover, he did not want to make anyone curious.

2. Why did Hari Singh decide to come back to Anil?

Ans.Had Singh decided to come back to Anil because he felt that when Anil would come to know about the theft, he would feel sad, not for the loss of money but for the loss of trust. He did not want to lose his trust.

3. Why did Hari Singh choose Anil to be his next victim?

 Ans. Hari Singh was an experienced thief. He found Anil, a wrestler an easy-going, kind and simple man, the correct person for his purpose. He found him an easy target to win confidence.

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4. Why did Had Singh not go to his friend’s house or a hotel just after he missed the train?

Ans. Hari Singh did not have any friend and he did not want to make anyone curious about staying at one of the small hotels near the station.

5. Why was it difficult for Han Singh to rob Anil?

Ans. It was difficult to rob Anil because he was the most trusting person Hari Singh ha ever met. According to Hari Singh, it’s easy to rob a greedy man because he can afford to be robbed but it’s difficult to rob a careless man because he doesn’t even notice that he’s been robbed and that takes all the pleasure out of the work.

6. Why did Hari Singh tell a lie about cooking?

 Ans. Hari Singh said that he could cook but when he cooked the meal at night, it was so terrible that Anil gave it to a stray dog and told him to be off. But then Anil patted him and said that he would teach him to cook.

7. Why was the thief able to steal from Anil easily?

 Ans. Anil was a person who trusted Hari Singh easily. Also, he seemed to be a slightly careless person. Thus, his gullibility and trusting nature made it easy for Hari to rob him.

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8. Why did Had Singh tell a lie about cooking?

Ans. Hari Singh knew that Anil would hire him only if he could cook. However, Hari did not know how to cook. Still, as he wanted to somehow rob Anil, he told the lie to gain entry into Anil’s house.

9. Why did Hari Singh feel bad after stealing the money?

Ans. Anil had trusted Hari Singh completely and also taught him how to cook. Anil also) started teaching him how to read and write. Thus, when Hari stole money from Anil, conscience pricked him as he had broken Anil’s trust.

10. What are the different reactions of the people when they are robbed? (A Thee, Story)

Ans. According to Had Singh, different people react differently upon being robbed. The greedy man displays fear, the rich man shows anger, and the poor man shows acceptance. However, a trusting man like Anil would be sad due to the loss of trust.

11. Why did Anil decide to pay Hari Singh regularly?

Ans. Anil handed Hari Si h fifty-rupee note as payment for his services. He went on to that since he had started making money, he would pay Hari regularly. However, I knew about Hari and did not want him to be tempted again for want of money.

12. Describe Had Singh, the young and successful thief.

Ans. Had Singh was a fifteen-year-old boy who had already gained much expertise in the field of thievery. He knew how to find prospective victims, and used his intelligence to get close to them. Even when he was being taught how to read and write, his first thought was how he could use it to his benefit while thieving.

13. Why did Anil hire Hari Singh?

 Ans. Anil hired Had Singh because Had Singh himself expressed his desire to work for him. When Anil told him that he could not pay him, Had Singh asked him if he could feed him. Anil replied that if he knew how to cook, then he may work for him.

14. How did Had Singh realize that Anil knew about his theft?

 Ans. Anil gave him a fifty rupees note in the morning, which was still damp from the night’s rain. Anil told him that he would start teaching him, how to write full sentences and smiled at him. This made Had Singh realize that Anil knew everything.

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15. What was-Anit’s job? What did he usually do with the money he earned?

Ans. Anil was a writer. He wrote articles for magazines. He had no regular source of income. He earned by fits and starts. When he earned some money, he would go out to celebrate.

16. What does the thief say about the reactions of different types of people when they were robbed?

Ans. Hari Singh had found that a greedy man’s face showed panic. The rich man showed anger and the poor man showed a sense of resignation.

Q.17. How did he think Anil would react when he discovered the theft? Why did he think so?

Ans. Hari Singh thought that when Anil would come to know of the theft, his face would show a touch of sadness. It would not be for the loss of money but for the loss of trust.

18. What made him come back to Anil?

Ans. Anil had been teaching Hari Singh to read and write. He thought that without education, he would remain only a thief. But with education, he would become a big, clever and respected man. This made him come back to Anil.

19. What did Anil give him in the morning? In what condition was it?

Ans. Anil gave him a fifty-rupee note in the morning. It was still wet from the night’s rain.

20. How did the thief realise that Anil knew that it had been stolen?

Ans. Anil gave a fifty rupee note to the thief. It was still wet from the night’s rain. So, the thief realised that And knew that it had been stolen.

21. How did the thief know that Anil had forgiven him?

Ans. And did not express in any way that he knew about the stealing. Moreover, he promised to pay him regularly. He also promised to continue with his leaching hint full sentences.

22. Why did the thief smile without any effort towards the end of the story?

Ans. The thief was under tension that his master would be angry with him for stealing the money. But Anil did not express any anger. He said that he would pay him regularly and would remain to continue teaching him full sentences. This made him tension free and he smiled without any effort.

23. Why. according to Hari, is it difficult to rob a careless man?

Ans. Hari thinks that it is difficult to rob a careless man. Sometimes he does not even notice that he has been robbed. This takes out the joy of robbing him.

24. Why did Hari Singh think of doing some real work?

Ans. By ‘real work’ Hari Singh means stealing. He wants to steal Anil’s money because he has not stolen anything for a long time. Secondly, Anil is a careless mail. If Han Singh did not steal his money, he would waste it on useless things.

25 What made him think that he could live like an oil-rich Arab for some time?

Ans. Hari Singh was a poor boy. He stole Anil’s bundle of notes. It was a sum of 600 rupees. Hari Singh thought that he could live in luxury like an oil-rich Arab for some time on this stolen money.

26. Why should he find friends to be more trouble than help?

Ans. Hari Singh was a very poor boy. Those whom he knew were also poor like him. So. he thought that friends would be troublesome.

27. Why did he feet’ nervous about going back to Anil’s room?

Ans. Hari Singh decided to go back to Anil and replace the stolen money under the mattress. But he felt nervous about going there. He thought that it was much easier to steal something than to return it undetected.

28. How was Hari Singh’s ‘appealing smile’ at the end different from similar smiles of his on earlier occasions?

Ans. On earlier occasions, Hari Singh’s ‘appealing smile’ had been artificial. It was full of flattery. But in the end, his smile was real. It was natural and appealing.

29. Who is ‘I’ in this story? Why did he change his name every month?

Ans. In this story ‘I’ is a boy thief of 15 years. He often changed his name every month to avoid being caught by the police and his former employers. This time he tells that his name is Han Singh.

30. Why did Hari Singh smile in his most appealing way?

Ans. Hari Singh cooked food for Anil. He did not know anything about cooking. Anil could not eat it. He threw it to a stray dog. He asked the boy to go away from his house. But the boy did not want to leave him. So, he smiled in his most appealing way.

32. Why was the thief grateful to Anil?

Ans. The thief was grateful to Anil because he gave him a job. Secondly, he promised to teach him to read and write.

33. Why did he want to become an educated man?

Ans. He was an uneducated person. He made his living by stealing and cheating others. He thought if he were educated there would be no limit to what he would achieve.

 Q34. Who was the narrator or the boy thief, Had Singh?

Ans. Hari Singh was a thief. Even at the age of fifteen, he was a seasoned, experienced and a successful thief. He used to change his name every month to avoid the police and his former employers. He knew all the tricks of his trade. He knew how to steal money even when the money was tucked under the victim’s bed.

 Q35. How and when did Hari Singh meet Anil?

Ans. Hari Singh met Anil during a wrestling match. He found Anil easy going, kind and simple enough to suit his purpose. Anil’s trusting nature could help him with stealing. Therefore, he offered himself to work for Anil. Anil had no regular income and couldn’t afford to pay him. But still Had Singh exploited Anil’s generosity and he forced Anil to keep him in his house.

Q36. Anil couldn’t afford to pay Hari Singh. Why did then, he allow Hari Singh to stay with him?

Ans. Hari Singh offered himself to work for Anil. Anil didn’t have a regular income and couldn’t afford to pay him regularly. Hari Singh wanted to exploit such a kind-hearted and simple man like Anil. He lied that he knew how to cook. Anil was forced to allow Hari Singh to stay with him in his house.

Q37. Why was it so difficult for Had Singh to rob a trusting and unsuspecting person like Anil?

 Ans. The fifteen-year-old thief, Han Singh was an experienced and a fairly successful hand. It was easy to rob a greedy man because he could afford to be robbed. But it was very difficult to rob a careless and unsuspecting man like Anil. The unsuspecting Anil didn’t even notice that he had been robbed. That could take all the pleasure out of the work of theft.

Q38. Why did Had Singh justify himself to rob Anil?

Ans. No doubt, Han Singh was experienced and clever enough to justify his actions. He justified the robbing of a careless and unsuspecting man like Anil. Hari Singh told himself that he was out of practice. He must rob. If he didn’t take the money, Anil would waste it on his friends. Moreover, Anil didn’t pay him.

Q39. Why did Hari Singh lie that he knew how to cook? Why did Anil have to throw the food cooked by Hari to the stray dogs?

Ans. Hari Singh had carefully chosen a kind, careless and unsuspecting target in Anil. When Anil asked if he knew how to cook, Hari Singh replied that he did. He deliberately told a lie. The food he prepared was really terrible. Anil had to throw it away to the stray dogs.

Q40. How did Hari Singh feel working for Anil? Did Anil know that Hari Singh was making a little money from purchases?

Ans. Hari Singh felt quite pleasant working for Anil. He would make tea for him in the morning. He would take his time for the day’s supplies. Usually, Hari would make a profit of about a rupee a day. Anil; mew about the stealing. But he allowed Had to do so because he couldn’t afford to pay him regularly. He didn’t mind it.

Q41. How did Anil get that substantial money that he brought home in a bundle? How did it tempt Hari Singh?

Ans. Anil had no regular income. He wrote for magazines. One day he came home with a small bundle of notes. He had just sold a book to a publisher. Hari saw Anil tuck the money under the mattress of his bed. Such a large amount of money and his unsuspecting master made Had Singh decide to steal it.

Q42. How did Hari Singh steal the money that Anil got from selling his book to a publisher?

Ans. Had Singh saw with his own eyes how Anil tucked the bundle of money under the mattress of his bed. When Anil was asleep, Had Singh crept up to the bed. He slid his hand under the mattress and drew the money out of the bundle without making a sound. Anil sighed in his sleep and turned on his side, towards him. Han Singh got startled and quickly came out of the room.

Q43. Describe Had Singh’s dilemma at the station. Why didn’t he jump into a compartment of the Lucknow Express when he could?

Ans. When he reached the station, Hari Singh did not stop at the ticket office because he never bought a ticket earlier. The Lucknow Express was just moving out. He could have jumped into one of the carriages. But he hesitated. Perhaps, he had not made a final decision in this regard.

Q44. What did Hari Singh think when he was standing alone on the deserted platform?

Ans. The train had gone. Had Singh was in a dilemma. He was standing alone on the deserted platform. He had no idea where to spend the night. He had no friends. Nor did he want to go to a hotel. The only person whom he knew and who could perhaps help him was the man whom he had robbed a few hours ago.

Q45. What did Hari Singh do in the ‘maidan’ and how did the notes become damp?

Ans. From the station, Had Singh found himself in the ‘maidan’. He sat down on a bench. The November night was chilly. The heavy rain added to Han Singh’s discomfort. His shirt and pyjamas stuck to his skin. He sat down in the shelter of the clock tower. He felt for the notes. They were damp from the rain.

Q46. How did Hari Singh forget about his education in the excitement of his theft? What did he think about it in the end?

Ans. Anil taught Had Singh to write his name. He also promised to teach him making complete sentences and adding numbers. In his excitement of the theft, he forgot all about his education. But good sense prevailed and in the end, he realised that education could give him respect and much more money.

Q47. Did Hari Singh understand the value of education? How can you prove it?

Ans. Hari Singh clearly understood the value of education. Education could bring him respect, status and money. If he learnt how to write like an educated person, the sky would be the limit for him. In the heat and excitement of the theft, he forgot all about it. He decided to have an education at any cost and went back to Anil.

Q48. How and when did Hari Singh put the stolen money back at the same place from where he had stolen? Did Anil know it?

Ans. Hari Singh came back to Anil’s room. He was feeling quite nervous. He crept to the head of the bed. His hand found the edge of the mattress. He slipped the notes under the mattress. Yes, Anil was aware of everything that was taking place in the room.

Q49. Why didn’t Anil hand Had Singh over to the police even when he knew all about the theft?

Ans. Anil was careless and unsuspecting but not a fool. He knew how the boy stole money out of daily shopping. He also knew all about the theft of his 600 rupees. He could have easily handed him over to the police. However, he didn’t want to ruin Had Singh’s life. He wanted to give an education to the unfortunate boy. So, he gave a fifty rupee note and promised to pay him regularly. Neither his lips nor his eyes showed anything about the theft.

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