Why did Lencho Write A Letter to God?

Why did Lencho write a letter to God?

Lencho wrote a letter to God because he believed that only God could help him in his time of need. He had lost all his crops during a storm and needed money to support his family and restore his life till the next yeild. He had faith that if he wrote a letter to God, then God would hear his prayer and grant his request. Lencho’s faith was strong and he believed that no other being could help him as much as God could.

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Answer- 2

Lencho wrote a letter to God because he was desperate for help. He had lost his crops in a hailstorm and had no other way to support his family. He had only hope from God, thus, he wrote a letter to God asking for 100 pesos. Lencho’s faith in God was so strong that he believed that if he asked, God would definitely help him.

Answer- 3

In the story, “A Letter to God,” by G.L. Fuentes, Lencho is a hardworking farmer who loses his entire crop to a hailstorm. He believes that the only way to support his family for the year is money from God, so he writes a letter to God.
The post office employees were good enough to understand the situation of Lencho and tried helping him as much as they could.  Lencho’s faith was rewarded and he received enough money (70 pesos) to live his life for another year. There are several reasons why Lencho may have decided to write a letter to God.
First, he may have been desperate after losing his entire crop and saw no other option.
Second, he may have been a very innocent man who had strong faith in God and believed that He would help him in his time of need.
Third, he may have known about other people about whom he knew that they would not help him. He felt that it was worth a try to write a letter to God.
Regardless of the reason, Lencho’s faith was ultimately rewarded and he received some help that he needed.

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