What is a letter to God all about?

What is a letter to God all about?

A Letter to God is all about pure faith and hope of a hard-working farmer named Lencho. This chapter shows that there is no limit of having faith in God, but faith can move mountains. The central character of this chapter Lencho fell into a big difficulty because in place of rain there were heavy hail stones from the heaven. All the crops of Lencho were destroyed. This destruction could have  brought starvation to his family.
But Lencho knew that God helps everyone so he explained this situation to God through a letter. He demanded 100 Pesos in his letter. When this letter reached the post office the employees laughed first but lately they decided to help Lencho. They wanted that his the faith should remain same, it should not be shattered.

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They tried contributing money for the noble cause but they could collect on 70 pesos. When Lencho got this money he became angry with the post office employees. He thought that those people were not fair and they had stolen 30 pesos. Here the story ends.
So the lesson is all about showing that if you try to help someone out of track you are most likely to make others angry.
This lesson is all about understanding the concept of God and Godly principals. They post office employees should have explained everything very clearly to Lencho. They must have told that God does not help anyone directly but He wants that people should help one another.
They must have explained that we should save something for a difficult time because life is quite uncertain.
Thus we can say that A Letter to God is all about opening the eyes of the people towards the system of God.

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