What are the 2 Kinds of Conflicts in the Story Letter to God?

What are the 2 kinds of conflicts in the story letter to God?


What is the human vs human conflict in a letter to God Class 10?


What is the conflict between human and nature?

There are basically two types of conflicts in “A Letter to God”- one is between God and humans. Lencho, the central character of the chapter works very hard, grows his crops but the God does not give him the desired results and his crops are destroyed by hailstones. Here a conflict is seen. Lencho is confused why such a conflict between nature and me.
Another conflict is seen between humans and humans. Basically it is seen when post office employees try to help Lencho whole heartedly but the desired results are not seen. They think that Lencho would be happy but he got angry. Here a conflict is generated between post office employees and Lencho. It is a conflict between humans and humans.

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The further explanation is that the protagonist, a hard working farmer Lencho, is struggling to understand and come to terms with his faith. He has been taught by his family and community that God is all-powerful and can do anything, but he doesn’t find that in his routine life or can be said that God was testing his will power or patience which is a universal law.
God tells everyone that sufferings are unavoidable in the world. Here conflict is generated.
The method of post office employees was also incorrect. They must have explained that God sets some difficulties in our lives to make us strong and this is something like that. Still there are people who help one another and this way life goes on. Also we are expected to save something for the difficult time. But they tried to hide the truth so there was a mishappening in the form of conflict.

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