What did Lencho Mean by the Rest?

By | February 15, 2023
What did Lencho Mean by the Rest edumantra.net

What did Lencho Mean by the Rest?

Lencho says “Send me the rest” in the chapter ‘A Letter to God’. In this chapter rest means the remaining amount which is 30 pesos.
One of the main ironies in this lesson is that Lencho asked God for help with an amount 100 pesos but he got only 70 pesos. He actually did not trust the post office employees. He was confident that God would send the exact amount he asked for. He expected to receive 100 pesos but he was surprised when he received less than what he asked for.
Actually, the postmaster had not been able to collect the complete amount he asked so he could send Lencho only 70 pesos. So the remaining amount was 30 pesos which is indicated as rest. No doubt Lencho expresses gratitude towards God for what he had gotten.

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Another answer for What did Lencho mean by the rest?

In the chapter A Letter to God, Lencho wrote that he needed money to support his family as his crops were destroyed. He asked for hundred pesos in total, but only received seventy pesos from the post office. He knew that God must have sent the amount.
He then asked God for “the rest” which indicates that he wanted the remaining 30 pesos from God.  The rest of the money would be required to fully restore his life.

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