A Letter to God Theme | Class 10 | First Flight | Point wise | Deep Analysis

By | February 6, 2024
A Letter to God- Theme of the Story edumantra.net

The theme in Short- Faith can move mountains.

Justification of the Theme- Actually Lencho had a very strong faith in God. Though he went out of track to get some help, still he got help that was hardly possible. That’s why we can say that if someone has a strong faith, it is most likely that his wish is fulfilled. The wish may be fulfilled fully or partially. 
This is a story of a hard-working farmer Lencho. He is expecting a good harvest this year if it rains. The rain does come bringing brief happiness. However, a hailstorm follows the rain destroying all his crops. Being deeply hurt, he looks toward God. Having an unshaken faith in God he writes a letter to Him demanding one hundred pesos.

A Letter to God Theme

Faith – From the beginning to the end, the story explores the idea of faith and how it can be tested in times of hardship. Lencho’s unshakable faith in God drives him to write a letter to God. This faith makes the whole story. 
Humanity- We see that the post office employees show great humanity to keep the faith of the writer. Lencho remains humble even in the face of adversity. Despite losing his entire crop, he still believes that God will provide help for him and his family, and he is grateful to God. This is humanity.
The power of nature – The story highlights the power and unpredictability of nature, and how it can impact people’s lives in extreme ways. The sudden storm that destroys Lencho’s crops is a reminder of how small we are in the face of nature’s forces.
The Importance of Clear Communication – The story emphasizes the importance of clear communication and how misunderstandings can have serious consequences. Lencho’s letter to God is misinterpreted by the post office workers, leading to a situation that could have been avoided with better communication.

Social and Economic Inequality- Another theme that could be explored in “A Letter to God” is the idea of social and economic inequality. The story takes place in a rural area where the people are poor and struggle to make a living from the land. Lencho’s crop failure represents a significant loss to his struggling financial situation, and he is forced to rely on the kindness of God to make ends meet.
The post office workers, on the other hand, represent a different economic class. They are government employees with a steady income, and they view Lencho’s letter as a curiosity rather than a desperate plea for help. This contrast between the haves and the have-nots raises questions about economic justice and the unequal distribution of resources in society.
Hope- In “A Letter to God.” Throughout the story, Lencho’s uncompromising hope in God’s system forces him to write a letter. He believes that my hope will provide me with the solution. 
In the end, it is Lencho’s hope that prevails. He receives a letter back from “God” that contains some amount of money he asked for. The story suggests that hope and faith can be powerful forces in our lives, even when we are faced with difficult circumstances.