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A Letter to God Character Sketch

By- G.L. Fuentes  

What is the character sketch of Lencho?

  • Hard Working- 
  • Had Great Faith God- 
  • Optimistic– 
  • DevoutLencho is deeply religious and has a strong faith in God, which is evident in his letter to God for help in the story.
  • Strong- Despite facing a heavy loss due to the hailstorm, Lencho does not lose hope and continues to work hard to support his family.
  • Honest – Lencho is an honest man who never cheats or lies, as evidenced by his trust in the postman to deliver his letter to God.
  • Simple – Lencho is a simple man who leads a simple life and has simple aspirations, which is shown in his letter to God asking for just enough money to survive.
  • Determined – Lencho is a determined man who does not give up easily, as seen in his unwavering belief in God’s ability to provide him with the help he needs.

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Character Sketch of Lencho in Detail- 

Lencho was a man of limited means and earned his living by farming his fields. He had a strong faith in God. He believed that God always helps people with a mind. Therefore, when he lost all hope he requested God for help. He and his family were on the verge of starvation, he looked towards God for help. He was a little educated to write a letter. He is innocent because he wants to directly get help from God. He didn’t try to get money illegally. 
He is a hardworking and devout farmer who lives in a small village. He is a man of simple means and has an unshakable faith in God. Lencho’s hardworking nature is clear in his dedication to his fields. 
Despite facing hardships and setbacks, Lencho never loses hope and continues to work hard to support his family. He is an honest man who values honesty above all 
Lencho is a man of strong beliefs and convictions. He has a deep and unwavering faith in God and believes that God is just and merciful. His letter to God asking for financial help after a hailstorm shows his simple and pure intentions. He does not ask for more than he needs and has complete faith that God will provide for him and his family. 

What is the Character Sketch of the Postmaster?

  • Dutiful – The postmaster takes his job seriously and is dedicated towards his duty.
  • Empathetic – Despite being initially surprised by Lencho’s letter to God, the postmaster shows kindness towards Lencho’s situation and tries to help him.
  • Pragmatic – The postmaster understands the limitations of the system and makes a sensible decision to collect money from his mates to help Lencho.
  • Helpful – The postmaster goes out of his way to collect money from his mates to help Lencho, even though he is not required to do so.
  • God Fearing– He does not want Lencho to lose his Faith in God. 

The postmaster is a calm and God fearing individual who takes his job seriously. He is initially surprised and amused by Lencho’s letter to God, but he decides to help Lencho seeing his situation. The postmaster is a symbol of the official system and its limitations. He cannot provide the exact amount of money that Lencho has requested in his letter, but he decides to help him in his own small way by collecting money from his mates.
Overall, the postmaster is a minor character in the story, but his actions have a remarkable impact on the plot. He provides a glow of hope for Lencho and shows that even in a system with limitations, people can still help one another out of empathy and kindness.

What is the character sketch of post office employees

3. The Post Office Employees: The post-office employees make every effort to help Lencho. They believed that only an innocent and foolish farmer can write a letter to God. They were considerate and full of compassion. They wondered at the faith of the man who wrote that letter. But they contributed something for an ‘act of charity’. They couldn’t collect the hundred pesos but sent only seventy pesos to Lencho. Only a single word was written as a signature: `God’.

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