A Letter to God Character Sketch | Class 10 | First Flight | All Characters | Short & Long | Point wise

By | May 9, 2024
  • Hard Working- 
  • Had Great Faith God- 
  • Optimistic- 
  • Devout – Lencho is deeply religious and has a strong faith in God, which is evident in his letter to God for help in the story.
  • Strong- Despite facing a heavy loss due to the hailstorm, Lencho does not lose hope and continues to work hard to support his family.
  • Honest – Lencho is an honest man who never cheats or lies, as evidenced by his trust in the postman to deliver his letter to God.
  • Simple – Lencho is a simple man who leads a simple life and has simple aspirations, which is shown in his letter to God asking for just enough money to survive.
  • Determined – Lencho is a determined man who does not give up easily, as seen in his unwavering belief in God’s ability to provide him with the help he needs.
  • Dutiful – The postmaster takes his job seriously and is dedicated towards his duty.
  • Empathetic – Despite being initially surprised by Lencho’s letter to God, the postmaster shows kindness towards Lencho’s situation and tries to help him.
  • Pragmatic – The postmaster understands the limitations of the system and makes a sensible decision to collect money from his mates to help Lencho.
  • Helpful – The postmaster goes out of his way to collect money from his mates to help Lencho, even though he is not required to do so.
  • God Fearing- He does not want Lencho to lose his Faith in God. 

What is the character sketch of post office employees