Joy of Being in the Lap of Nature Essay

By | November 18, 2022
Joy of Being in the Lap of Nature Essay

Joy of Being in the Lap of Nature Essay – The joy of living in the lap of nature is a feeling that is difficult to describe, but when you experience it, you will understand what we mean.

Joy of Being in the Lap of Nature Essay

the joy of living in the lap of nature

 Recently I spent a week in the rural setting near Cochin which is in the state of Kerala. I had gone there at the invitation of one of my acquaintances. It was a tiny village near the seashore. Living here was a unique experience for me. It was like living in the lap of nature. The rural setting of this place had a charm of its own. The tall palm trees growing all around, the pleasant breeze coming from the sea, the fishermen singing joyfully while going to the sea, the village children building castles in the sand, the rising of the sun in the morning, and it’s going down in the seas in the west — all these scenes and sights had a charm of their own.
The speed and dexterity with which the coconut-pickers would go up a palm tree was a sight to watch. Nature everywhere seemed to be at her best. Life here seemed to go at a leisurely pace. There was no trace of any hurry or worry on any face. There was joy everywhere and I drank of it to my heart’s content. These beautiful sights of nature gave me joy not only during the days of my stay among them but also gave a store of joy for future use. Now I can draw from this store whenever I sit alone and think of those pleasing sights.

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Beauties of Nature

 Nature is a treasure house of beauties of varied varieties. It is often said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. That may be as it is, but, in reality, the irresistible sights and sounds of nature cannot be said to be just a matter concerning the beholder. There can be hardly a person who will not like to see colourful, sweet-smelling flowers, mountain Peaks covered with snow, sailing clouds, sea waves lashing the shores and so on.
It seems God has created this universe with great affection and an equal amount of deftness. The inimitable intricate designs just on a leaf of a tree such as the pipal can speak volumes of beauty of nature and sincerity and caliber of God.
If we go to any garden, we can see multifarious facets of beauties of nature. We can see their flowers of different colours and variety. We can see colourful birds humming and chirping in the trees. We can see colourful, sprightly fishes and water animals there if there is an aquarium or a pond. If we visit the place early in the morning, we can see iridescent dew-drops on blades of grass. In case, we happen to go there at dawn, we can witness the charming beauty of the sun-rise. Anybody, even the poorest, can enjoy the most alluring sights of the sun-rise, the moon and the stars.
Nature has given us eyes to feast on the sights of hills, mountains, glaciers, lakes, cataracts, seas, oceans, clouds, stars, trees, flowers, birds, animals, rivers and so on.
If we do not look at the beauties of nature or cannot enjoy them, the fault lies with us It can simply bespeak our crass materialism, philistinism and money-mindedness.

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People Also Ask:

1.Why should we love nature essay?
Ans: We should love nature because it provides us with a lot of benefits. For example, nature provides us with food, shelter, and energy. It also helps us to protect the environment.

2. What is the importance of nature essay?
Ans: The importance of nature essay is the need to understand and appreciate the natural world and to identify the relationships between humans and the natural world.

3. What is the importance of nature in human life?
Ans: The importance of nature in human life is necessary for two reasons. First, without nature humans would not have the necessary elements for survival including water, air and food. Second, without a connection to nature humans would lose touch with their emotions and spirits.

4. How do you write a short note for nature?
Ans: Nature is the embodiment of everything that is essential and everlasting. It sustains us and provides us with everything we need to live. From its simplest forms to the most complex systems, nature always manages to surprise us in ways we never imagined.

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