Article on Aping of Western Culture by the Youth: A New Way of Living

By | November 28, 2022
Aping of Western Culture by the Youth

Article on Aping of Western Culture by the Youth – This article discusses how this “Aping of Western Culture” by the younger generation can be a good thing, or a bad thing depending on your perspective.

You are ABC of Class XII. Write an Article on Aping of Western Culture by the Youth

Ans:-                                        APING THE WESTERN CULTURE

Article on Aping of Western Culture by the Youth

It is now more than fifty years when the British left our country and we became a free nation. But sadly the west still dominates our way of life and thinking. The younger generation apes everything that is typical of western culture. They ape their fashions in dress, their music, dances and even their habits, of food. By doing so, they think they can give an impression of being modern.
But to me, the fact is quite the opposite. By aping western culture, they do nothing but give an impression of being thick-headed clowns. They have gone so crazy for the western styles that they have forgotten all about their own culture and traditions. They don’t know what Holi or Diwali is about but they know all about Valentine’s Day. They would hardly ever visit a temple, but would never miss visiting a bar or coffee house.
They prefer fast and junk foods to fresh and pure foods cooked at home. ‘Hellos’ and ‘Byes’ have taken the place of respectful ‘Namaste’. In the name of liberalism and modernism, all sense of shame and decency has been thrown to the winds. The younger generation must remember that the sun (the symbol of all light and knowledge) rises in the east and sets in the west.

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Meaning of Aping the Western Culture

“Aping the Western Culture,” means a style of living or behaving that is similar to what is seen in Western society. This can include things like wearing clothes that are popular in the West, listening to music and movies that are popular in the West, and using words and phrases that are common in the West. Aping the Western culture can be seen as a way for people to try to fit in and be accepted by society.

Short Paragraph on Aping the Western culture- 150 Words

Short Paragraph on Aping the Western culture- 150 Words

Aping the Western culture has become a popular trend in many parts of the world. This trend has been seen in countries such as China and India. Many people believe that by copying the ways of the West they will be better able to succeed in their respective societies. While this may be true for some people, but partially. It is not always true in all cases. In fact, many times aping the Western way of life can have negative consequences.
For example, many Chinese students who study in America are forced to adopt a very Westernized lifestyle. This often means forsaking their traditional cultural values and customs. Additionally, many Americans who move to China find themselves struggling to fit into an unfamiliar culture. This way if they plan prior to going they may not fall into difficulty. But Aping the western culture only for the sake of looking different is a big issue which can cause many negative impacts including financial issues. Ultimately, aping the Western way of life is not necessarily a successful strategy. It depends on the specific situation and person involved.

Paragraph on Aping of Western Culture by the Younger Generation- 250 Words

Aping the Western Culture is a popular trend that has been growing in recent years. This trend is usually associated with individuals who want to adopt the more traditional values and lifestyle of the West.
While there are many benefits to aping the Western culture, there are also some risks associated with doing so. One of the biggest risks associated with aping the Western culture is that it can lead to cultural assimilation.
Aping the Western culture can mean adopting all of its values and norms. This can lead to individuals becoming completely assimilated into the West, losing their own identity and values.
It’s important to be careful not to lose touch with one’s roots and traditions, otherwise you could end up feeling like a foreigner in your own country. Another risk associated with aping the Western culture is that it can lead to social isolation.
If you try to live like everyone else in the West, you may find yourself unable to connect with people from other cultures. This can make life difficult because you’ll be missing out on important opportunities for learning and growth. It’s important not to become too attached to one particular way of life or society, because if things change outside of your control it may be difficult to adapt.
Overall, aping the Western culture has some benefits and some risks. It’s important to weigh both sides carefully before making any decisions about whether or not to adopt this style of living.

People Also Ask:

1.What is aping the western culture?
Aping the western culture means to imitate the way of life and values of people in the west. This can include things like wearing clothes that are popular in the west, listening to music, watching movies, and using popular words and phrases.
2.What are the impact of western culture on Indian youth today?
The impact of western culture on Indian youth today is that it is influencing their values, morals, and traditions. It is also leading to a decline in the traditional values of Indian youth.
3.How western culture is affecting Indian culture?
In recent years, western culture has been spreading rapidly in India and it is having a profound impact on the country’s society. The way people dress, the music they listen to, the films they watch – all these are being heavily influenced by the West.
4.How does Westernization influence culture?
Westernization is the process of expanding beyond one’s natural environment, usually involving the adoption of some aspect of Western culture by a person or society. In many cases, this involves changes to traditional social and economic systems, as well as alterations to religious values and practices.
5.What is the biggest influence of western culture?
Western culture has been the biggest influence on world cultures. It has shaped the way that people think, act, and feel. Through education, movies, music, and other forms of media, western culture has become the norm for many people around the world.
6.What are the advantages and disadvantages of westernization?
The advantages of westernization are that it brings more advanced technology, more opportunities and a more developed society. The disadvantages are that it can be very difficult to find someone who speaks your language and introduces you to the local culture.

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