29.Report Writing Samples : ‘No Tobacco Day’

By | December 15, 2020

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Write a report on ‘No Tobacco Day’ programme organised by your school on February 10, 20xx. Clues: Placards; slogans; doctors; cancer; tobacco in different modes.

 Ans.                                                    NO TOBACCO DAY

(by Raj/Rita)

 February 11, 20xx

To inculcate awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco our school organised a programme on ‘No Tobacco Day’ on February 10. Parents of all the students of classes XI and XII were invited. The students through placards, posters, skits and songs highlighted the risks involved in the chewing of tobacco. Dr R.K. Sharma and Dr J.S. Ahluwalia renowned doctors were special invitees. They warned the people about lung cancer, heart problem, mouth cancer etc. that are caused due to smoking. They also warned against passive smoking. They advised the people to shun cigarette, bidi, pan masala, gutka, etc. that kill and shorten life. The audience appreciated the efforts made by the students.

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