23.Report Writing Samples : Electricity Board–Not Listening

By | February 15, 2019

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Recently you happened to pass the Roshanara Road and saw hanging electric wires and dysfunctional street lights. You met many residents of the area and everybody showed concern. Write a press report for your newspaper. You are a special correspondent.

Ans.                                         ELECTRICITY BOARD–NOT LISTENING

(By Nitin, the special correspondent)

 Delhi May 4, 20xx

Those living in colonies adjoining the Roshanara Road have been complaining of sparking in the open wires dangling on the electric poles. Since the electric wiring is old, it results in frequent sparking. Raj Kumar, a resident of Jaina Building, says, “Sparking from the wires is a common problem during the monsoon season. The Board should change the wiring and go for underground wiring.” Though Ravi Sharma, president, RWA has made complaints with the Board yet no action has been taken. The board authorities are being callous. It seems or they are waiting for some serious accident to happen and then take action.

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