Figure of Speech in Wind Class 9 Beehive In-Depth Analysis | Figures of Language

By | May 14, 2024

Here is Wind, a detailed exploration and explanation of the figure of speech and its many facets.  In this post, we have explained various examples of figurative speech, providing a comprehensive understanding of Wind in terms of all Poetic Device. We have also told the reason why a particular figure of speech occurs in a particular line. This is going to help the children of various classes Class IX. Dive in for figure of speech examples- 

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Figure of Speech in Wind Class 9 Beehive
  • “build strong homes,”
  • “joint the doors firmly.”

Rhyme Scheme

This poem is a translation from the original Tamil version and does not follow a rhyme scheme.

  • We should be strong in mind and body.
  • The wind indicates the difficulties and challenges that we face in our life.
  • We should face our problems boldly and stay firm in difficult situations.
  • Unless we fight with our hardships we cannot expect success.