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The poem “Wind” by Subramanian Bharati offers a rich tapestry of poetic devices and themes. In this analysis, we’ll explore the wind poetic devices that make this work a compelling read, as well as the life lessons it imparts.This is useful for class 9 students.

Rhyme Scheme

This poem is a translation from the original Tamil version and does not follow a rhyme scheme.

Wind Poem Poetic Devices

The poem contains four stanzas and each stanza contains five lines. This is called a quintain. Thus the poem contains four quintains.



  • Strong fires roar and flourish (repetition of F sound)

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2. Metaphor


  • The whole poem is a metaphor as it ends on a note to humanity to stand against all ravages natural or man-made.

3. Personification

The wind has been personified and has been addressed as a destructive force of weak things.


  • “His friend is good”, “He won’t do what you tell him”.

4. Repetition


  • The word crumbling has been repeated.
  • Crumbling doors, crumbling windows and crumbling lives.

Value Points

  • We should be strong in mind and body.
  • The wind indicates the difficulties and challenges that we face in our life.
  • We should face our problems boldly and stay firm in difficult situations.
  • Unless we fight with our hardships we cannot expect success.

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