Wind- Useful Expressions & Paraphrasing


                                   By- Subramanian Bharati

Useful Expressions

  • … poking funmaking fun of.
  • crumbling livesdevastating life and property.
  • winnows and crushes them all winnow is blowing strong air through the grain to remove the light-weighted chaff from it. Similarly, it can damage all kinds of weak things.
  • The wind blows out weakthe wind is an enemy of the weak can crush their doors and windows. It can also devastate their body.
  • Practise to firm the bodywe should have a strong body and heart to face the challenges of life.
  • We praise him every daythe wind being powerful gives us strength. We praise him because it is our friend.

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Wind, come softly.


Don’t break the shutters of the windows.

Don’t scatter the papers.

 Don’t throw down the books on the shelf.


The poet makes a request to the wind. As he is powerful, the poet requests him to blow slowly and not to damage our things. For this, he should slow down his speed.



There, look what you did — you threw them all down.


You tore the pages of the books.

You brought rain again.

You’re very clever at poking fun at weaklings.

Here, the power of the wind is shown, he has damaged everything and turn the pages of books. He is so powerful that he can cause rain. Moreover, the wind is making fun of weak thing by destroying them or overpowers them.
Frail crumbling houses, crumbling doors, crumbling rafters, crumbling wood, crumbling bodies, crumbling lives, crumbling hearts — the wind god winnows and crushes them all.


He won’t do what you tell him.

The poet suggests that our weak houses cannot face the might of the wind. He can crush them all. The wind does not listen to anybody. We cannot control him.
So, come, let’s build strong homes,


Let’s joint the doors firmly.

Practise to firm the body.

Make the heart steadfast.

The poet thinks that as the wind is not listening to their request, we have to become strong at mind and heart, both physically and mentally. We must train our body and our hearts to fight against the destructive power of the wind.
Do this, and the wind will be friends with us.


The wind blows out weak fires.

He makes strong fires roar and flourishes.

His friendship is good.

 We praise him every day.

If we are able to face the hardships and challenges in our life, the wind becomes our friend. The poet gives an example of the wind’s bad and good effects. The fire with weak force can be easily blowout by the wind. However, if the fire is burning strongly, the wind makes it more fierce.


Thus the wind is a friend of strong.


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