Wind- Quick Review of the Poem

By | July 19, 2021


                                   By- Subramanian Bharati


1. How does the poet want the wind to come?

(A) fastly                                                              (B) slowly

 (C) dimly                                                             (D) in a tempestuous way

Ans.  (B) slowly

2. What does the poet want the wind to do?

 (A) don’t break the shutters of windows(B) don’t scatter the papers 

(C) don’t throw down the books                               (D) all the above

Ans.  (D) all the above

3. What does ‘crumbling hearts’ refer to?

 (A) old persons                                                                (B) weak persons

 (C) rich and strong persons                         (D) despondent persons

 Ans.  (B) weak persons

4. Who does the wind make fun of?

(A) the rich                                                         (B) the strong

 (C) the weak                                                     (D) none of these

Ans. (C) the weak

5.’You brought rain again’. Who does ‘you’ refer to?

 (A) the wind                                                      (B) the poet

(C) the cloud                                                      (D) the children

Ans. (A) the wind

6. What sort of houses does the poet ask us to make?

 (A) luxury houses                                           (B) huts

 (C) strong houses                                           (D) weak houses

 Ans. (C) strong houses

7. The wind does not listen to us. What should we do?

 (A) afraid of him                                              (B) make ourselves strong to face him

(C) request him not to make us harm     (D) none of these options

 Ans. (B) make ourselves strong to face him

8. What is the effect of the wind on weak fires?

(A) makes them stronger                             (B) blow them out

 (C) let them burn as before                        (D) all the options are correct

Ans.  (B) blow them out

9. What is the effect of the wind on strong fires?

 (A) makes them roar and flourish            (B) blows them out as usual

(C) let them burn                                             (D) all the options are correct

Ans. (A) makes them roar and flourish

10. Select the name of the poet of the poem ‘Wind’.

(A) Robert Frost                                                (B) Subrarnania Bharati

 (C) Coates Kinney                                           (D) William Wordsworth

 Ans. (B) Subramania Bharati.

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