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By | February 6, 2023
Wind Poem MCQ

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Wind Poem MCQ

                                   By- Subramanian Bharati

1. The destruction that the wind brought is compared to the

(a)Journey of life

(b)Troubles and difficulties in life

(c)Decisions are taken in life

(d)None of the above

2.“He won’t do what you tell him”- Who is he?

(a)The speaker

(b)The Almighty

(c)The wind

(d)None of the above

3. The speaker of the poem is suggesting the readers to

(a)Take a break from busy life

(b)To love each other

(c)To explore new places

(d)To build strong houses

4. Based on this poem, building strong houses will

(a)Protect us from outer harsh environment

(b)Protect us from destruction in adverse climate

(c) Make us rich and happy

(d)Both (a) and (b)

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5. Apart from building up strong houses, how can people protect themselves?

(a)By purchasing windcheaters

(b)By being strong mentally

(c)By being strong physically

(d)Both (b) and (c)

6. In this poem, according to the speaker what all should we train to protect ourselves from the wind?




(d)All of the above

7. What can help us to be friends with wind fearlessly?

(a)If we firm our bodies

(b)Make our hearts steady

(c)If we buy weapons

(d)Both (a) and (b)

8.“He makes strong fires roar and flourishes”- Who is he?

(a)The wind

(b)The rain

(c)The speaker

(d)Both (a) and (b)

9. The wind blows out


(b)Weak fire


(d)None of the above

10. If a fire is burning strongly, the wind will

(a)Blow it off

(b)Make it fiercer

(c)Both (a) and (b)

(d)None of the above

11. Who wrote “Wind”?

(a)A.K Ramanujan

(b)Subramania Bharati

(c)Amrita Pritam


12. The speaker is asking the wind to come





13. The speaker doesn’t want the wind to break the

(a)Doors and windows

(b)Shutters of the windows

(c)Shutters of the doors

(d)None of the above

14.The speaker in this poem talks to the





15. In the poem, the speaker asks the wind not to _________ the papers


(b)Take away


(d)Dry out

16. The speaker doesn’t want the shutter of the windows to be broken because:

(a)It protects one from the robbers

(b)It protects one from storm and rain

(c)It saves one from criminals

(d)It protects one from wild animals

17. The speaker is asking the wind not to throw down the





18.What did the wind do?

(a)Threw down the books from the bookshelf

(b)Scattered the papers

(c)Came softly and then went away

(d)Both (a) and (b)

19. Whom does the speaker accuse of making the room a mess?

(a)The rain

(b)The wind

(c)The snow

(d)None of the above

20. Whom does the wind affect the most?

(a)The poor

(b)The strong

(c)The rich

(d)The weak

21.“He makes strong fires roar and flourishes”. What does this line imply?

(a)The wind can nurture something which is already strong

(b)The wind is capable of nurturing weak things

(c)The wind will be a strong friend

(d)None of the above

22.“His friendship is good”. Whose friendship is good?

(a)The speaker’s

(b)The wind’s


(d)None of the above

23.Roar means

(a)A prolonged nod

(b)A prolonged deep cry


(d)None of the above

24.“His friendship is good”- Why his friendship is good?

(a)It helps to make strong houses

(b)It helps us to get away with mischiefs

(c)It helps us to grow stronger

(d)Both (b) and (c)

25.“We praise him every day”. Whom should we praise?

(a)The legend

(b)The speaker

(c)The wind God

(d)None of the above

26. Which figure of speech has been used in this poem?

(a)Metaphor and anaphor



(d)None of the above

27. In the end, the speaker asks the wind to come softly because

(a)He doesn’t want to get wet in the rain

(b)He doesn’t want to overestimate his strength

(c)He is nervous and anxious

(d)Both (b) and (c)

28. The speaker’s request to the wind, in the end, shows his

(a)Confident attitude

(b)Grateful attitude

(c)Fearless attitude

(d)Cautious attitude

29. What is the moral of this poem?

(a)Pray to the wind

(b)Be strong and rigid and you can overcome the obstacles

(c)It’s not good to be weak and poor

(d)None of the above

30. Who is cleaver at poking fun at the weak?


(b)The rain

(c)The wind

(d)None of the above

31. The wind could tear the pages of





32. The wind makes maximum mischief when it comes across people who are

(a)Meek and mild




33.The word “frail” means





34. Rafter means

(a)An oversized tall pillar

(b)A column of wood covering the house

(c)A beam forming part of roof internally

(d)A fence around the lawn

35. In this poem, the wind crumbles the



(c)Lamp posts

(d)Both (a) and (b)

36. This action of wind of crumbling doors and rafters is





37. In this poem, the wind also breaks

(a)Lives and hearts



(d)None of the above

38.Winnow means

(a)To push someone

(b)To remove something by air

(c)To dissolve a liquid by air

(d)None of the above

39. In the poem, whether destruction by wind will happen or not, is decided by

(a)The speaker

(b)The wind

(c)The wind god

(d)None of the above

40. In addition to messing up the speaker’s house, the wind has also brought

(a)Rain with it

(b)Hail with it

(c)Snow with it

(d)Both (a) and (c)

41.Poking means

(a)Jabbing with a sharp end

(b)Hitting with a blunt object

(c)Making jokes

(d)Making loud noise

42. Wind’s friendship is





43. That the wind won’t do what we tell him shows its

(a)Reluctant attitude

(b)Indifferent attitude

(c)Stubborn attitude

(d)Confident attitude

44. Choose the word from the poem that defines prosper





45.“There, look what you did – you threw them all down”- What does all signify?





46. The word scatter means

(a)Thrown out



(d)Torn down

47. Who has been addressed as very clever in the poem?

(a)The rain

(b)The speaker

(c)The wind

(d)None of the above

48. The speaker suggests that even if we grow strong, we should still _______ the wind

(a)Play with

(b)Look at


(d)Both (b) and (c)

49.The wind God 

(a)Is merciful

(b)Crushes the weak ones

(c)Comes peacefully

(d)None of the above

50. The Wind was translated from Tamil by

(a)Subramania Bharati

(b)A.K. Ramanujan

(c)A.K Mahadevan

(d)A.K Rajveer


1.(b)Troubles and difficulties in life
2. (c)The wind
3. (d)To build strong houses
4. (d)Both (a) and (b)
5. (d)Both (b) and (c)
6. (d)All of the above
7. (d)Both (a) and (b)
8. (a)The wind
9.(b)Weak fire
10. (b)Make it fiercer
11.(b)Subramania Bharati
12. (d)Softly
13. (b)Shutters of the windows
14. (b)Wind
15. (c)Scatter
16. (b)It protects one from storm and rain
17. (d)Books
18. (d)Both (a) and (b)
19. (b)The wind
20.(d)The weak
21.(a)The wind can nurture something which is already strong
22. (b)The wind’s
23. (b)A prolonged deep cry
24. (c)It helps us to grow stronger
25. (c)The wind God
26. (a)Metaphor and anaphor
27. (b)He doesn’t want to overestimate his strength
28. (d)Cautious attitude
29. (b)Be strong and rigid and you can overcome the obstacles
30. (c)The wind
32. (a)Meek and mild
33. (b)Weak
34. (c)A beam forming part of roof internally
35. (d)Both (a) and (b)
36. (b)Harsh
37. (a)Lives and hearts
38. (b)To remove something by air
39. (b)The wind
40. (a)Rain with it
41.(a)Jabbing with a sharp end
42. (d)Good
43. (c)Stubborn attitude
44. (b)Flourish
45. (d)Books
46. (b)Disperse
47. (c)The wind
48. (c)Praise
49. (b)Crushes the weak ones
50. (b)A.K. Ramanujan

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