What is the Message of the Long Walk?

By | August 26, 2023
What is the Message of the Long Walk edumantra.net

What is the Message of the Long Walk?


What Lesson does Nelson Mandela teach us?


What is the Moral of the Story A Long Walk to Freedom?

The message of The Long Walk to Freedom is that courage and determination lead to success.
In the other words we can say that the message of A Long walk to Freedom is- Success comes to those who dare and desire.”
We see this message comes true through the struggle and challenges that Nelson Mandela faced on his journey, but he did not divert from the path of ending Apartheid System. 
He showed the strength of his spirit and determination to create a better sough Africa, and in fact a better world for everyone. Through this chapter, readers learn about the incredible journey he made and achieved success. 

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Answer- 2 The main message of the Long Walk to Freedom chapter is that freedom is never free and requires a lot of hard work. It stresses the importance of fighting for what one believes in, no matter how difficult and challenging it may be. We see the hard struggle of Nelson Mandela and other freedom fighters. 
This message can be better understood by all those who have experienced oppression or are struggling for freedom and justice. The lesson also emphasizes the power of resilience, determination and courage needed to achieve a goal.
Means we should be fully determined to achieve our goals. 

Answer- 3 The message of ‘A Long Walk to Freedom’ chapter is about the courage, resilience and determination of people who struggle for freedom. It highlights how people in oppressive situations can still find strength to fight for their rights, even against all odds. Nelson Mandela sets an example of what people can do at odds. 
The story also emphasizes the importance of working together for a common purpose, despite differences in race or gender. Finally, it shows that long-term change can only be achieved by a collective effort and not just by an individual’s efforts alone.

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