What is the Conflict of Long Walk to Freedom?

By | August 26, 2023
What is the Conflict of Long Walk to Freedom edumantra.net

What is the conflict of Long Walk to Freedom?

Answer- 1

The main conflict of Long Walk to Freedom is when Nelson Mandela was a small kid he used to think that he was free but when he grew he understood that actually he was not free and he started his struggle for freedom, racial segregation, oppression and discrimination. 
The story follows Nelson Mandela as he faces struggles with the Apartheid regime in South Africa and his determination for human rights and civil liberties for all citizens. Throughout the story, A Long Walk to Freedom for class 10 CBSE Mandela faces many challenges in his pursuit of a free and equitable society.

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Answer- 2

The primary conflict in Long Walk to Freedom is why there is a human superior on the basis of race and the other is inferior on the basis of the same.
Does complexion make difference in the way of thinking and skills are less in a particular complexion?
Nelson Mandela thought of these useless bases of discrimination and fought for freedom, equality, and justice for all South Africans. The narrative follows Nelson Mandela’s struggle against the oppressive racist system of Apartheid through his years as an activist, prisoner, and ultimately president of South Africa. 
Through this story, readers are able to explore the immense courage, determination and resilience of those that sacrificed their lives in the fight against oppression and injustice.

Answer- 3

The conflict of Long Walk to Freedom is between Nelson Mandela and the oppressive systems of prejudice, discrimination, and apartheid in South Africa. Throughout his life, Mandela endured hardship and injustice as he fought courageously for freedom and justice for all people in South Africa. 
He suffered imprisonment, but never lost his resolve to see the truth of equal rights for all. His unwavering determination to overcome any conflict ultimately led to the end of apartheid and helped bring equality and justice to a nation that had long been divided by racism.

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