Why is it called Long Walk to Freedom?

By | August 26, 2023

Why is it called Long Walk to Freedom?


What is the Meaning of the Long Walk?

The title a long walk to freedom tells that there was a long struggle of Nelson Mandela and others against apartheid System. The efforts to end apartheid went for a long time in South Africa. The title seems quite appropriate because it was a move on walk for the freedom. It did not wind up within a few days ot years but it went on for a very very long time. 
It was really a long time difficult journey of Nelson Mandela, who used his resilience and courage to help bring about an end to racial discrimination in South Africa. By walking a long walk to freedom, Mandela was able to lead South Africa toward a better future and inspire people through his actions.

All this scenario is perfectly displayed through the title ‘A Long Walk to Freedom’ The struggles and hardships of millions of people in South Africa during this time is a long chain of efforts.  
Another argument why it is called a long walk to freedom is that there was a long queue of freedom fighters who were ready to sacrifice their lives for the freedom. So finally we can say that it was a long journey that people had to take in order to attain freedom from discrimination, inequality, and oppression. 
This lesson accurately portrays the emotional turmoil faced by those who were subjected to such unimaginable horrors. It also sheds light on how they fought against all odds to achieve their rights and freedom. 
This chapter is about resilience, courage, strength and hope for a better future and it went for a long time so this is appropriate to say that the title a long walk to freedom is very much reasonable and appropriate. 

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