What is the summary of Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Class 10?

By | August 26, 2023
What is the summary of Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Class 10 edumantra.net

What is the summary of Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Class 10?


What is the Long Walk summary?

The lesson focuses on Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, A Long Walk to Freedom, covers his life and his struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. In the chapter, Mandela describes how he struggled to overcame adversities and oppressions to become free and enjoy his rights. He mentions his journey from a privileged background into political activism, imprisonment, and eventual freedom. 
Through this journey, Mandela ultimately worked towards a society where all citizens could live in equality regardless of race or class. Furthermore, the chapter talks about his imprisonment and the role he played in ending apartheid.
Nelson Mandela’s remarkable journey from a rural village in South Africa to become the first black elected President of an independent South Africa. 

Finally, it ends on a positive note by discussing how Mandela made strides to improve the lives of those around him after his release from prison by working hard to create a better future for South Africa.
“A Long Walk to Freedom” is taken from the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. He was a revolutionary freedom fighter who fought for ending Apartheid System. The chapter describes Mandela’s early life, and political activism also along with his arrest, imprisonment and finally getting success.
Mandela describes his childhood in his village Mvezo where he grew up as a very normal human being. He then explains when he grew how his life changed. His mindset was changed, and he started feeling that there was partiality in the system and his feelings about his own community. He started his movement against Apartheid system. 
As Mandela grew older, he became increasingly aware of the racial inequalities and injustices in South Africa. He fought against apartheid, and became involved in nonviolent protests and civil disobedience.
He was treated badly, he was also imprisoned and tortured in many other ways but he did not leave his efforts. 
The chapter concludes with Mandela’s success journey and the importance of courage.  Overall, “A Long Walk to Freedom” provides a glimpse of Nelson Mandela’s life which was full of struggle and ultimately a great success.

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